Meaning of the song Dance Monkey by Tones and I

According to the author of the track, young Australian singer Toni Watson, the song is dedicated to the problem of street musicians. In the 21st century, it is becoming more difficult to surprise the public every day: the Internet, the ability to transfer information and media files have significantly expanded the possibilities and choice of users. Many genres, texts and musical techniques have become available to many people, one has only to enter the desired query into the search box.

However, in real life, things are much more complicated. Performers and artists who give “live” performances on the streets of cities cannot cover the entire range of techniques, master and master many styles and genres in order to constantly entertain the fastidious public, which requires novelty from creative people after a short period of time after showing the next new show . Often the audience, even if they highly appreciate what they saw on stage or on the street, do not think about the fact that an attractive-looking performance is in fact a huge work of the performer. Behind the tricks, dance elements, virtuoso instrumental playing and strong vocals, which seem easy and natural to those who look at what is happening from the side, there are days, months, and sometimes even years of hard training for the performers.

Spectator egoism sometimes goes beyond the acceptable limits of decency. The heroine of the song tells about the usual working day of a street dancer. The girl, tired of performing during the day, nevertheless, still attracts the attention of passers-by with her show. One of those who saw and enjoyed the talent of the performer, begs her to repeat the number again especially for him. However, over and over again comes the second and third, and so on, because the viewer’s appetites are difficult to moderate. A grateful viewer turns into a selfish tormentor, saying that the show should not end and after the finale, you should start all over again. In addition, even what he is involved in only indirectly, as a simple spectator, he ascribes to himself, not wanting to share the spectacle with someone else.

Comparison of artists performing on the street in front of the public with a dancing monkey is also made by the singer not by chance: the consumer attitude to other people’s work often makes street dancers and musicians feel humiliated, slaves of their own fate, because both their success and their earnings depend entirely on bored passers-by who have fun looking at them. Artists lose in the eyes of those looking at them the ability to feel fatigue, sadness, fear. The only thing that is now required of the speakers is to give new emotions, stepping over themselves and everything that stands in the way of the free entertainment of passers-by.

Those who do not want to give up their dreams have a hard time: the tests that society throws at street performers in the 21st century are not much different from those faced by street performers in the Middle Ages: complete dependence on the favor or disgrace of the crowd, work “to wear out” and many risks pay off with only two things: love for creativity and faith in one’s own strength.

Real life is much more complicated than what is presented in the Internet space. But both emotions and impressions from it are much brighter and more interesting, precisely thanks to those who are trying to bring new colors to life.

Who starred in Tony Watson’s “Dance Monkey” video?

“Dance Monkey” is the 2nd single from “Tones and I”. The song was performed by Australian singer Toni Watson. The premiere was on June 26, 2019. It is considered even more successful than 1.

The work of Tony Watson

Tones and I Tells the Story Behind "Dance Monkey"

The life of Australian singer Toni Watson in 2018 was a big change. This talented girl wrote the songs “Tones and I” herself. Previously, the girl worked in retail, but decided to give up this job. The girl arranged street concerts, living in a trailer. She held performances for a whole year and gathered a lot of people.

The singer’s 1st single was released in March 2019 (on the 1st). It was called Johnny Run Away. “Dance Monkey” is the 2nd single from “Tones and I”. He’s better than 1, fans say. The song came out and immediately the radio stations of his native Australia began to play it willingly. It entered the top 10 on the chart. In “Shazam” the song was given 1st place. She quickly flew around the world.

The song was very popular and was given gold status. The final version of the music video for “Dance Monkey” was posted on YouTube. The audience liked the video. It was viewed by more than 2 million people. The video was created by Visible Studios. Filming was directed by Nick Kozaki with Liam Kelly. The video clip was presented to the general public on June 24, 2019.

Video plot analysis

Tony Watson played an old man with a beard. The idea to shoot such a video was inspired by the comedies “Until I played in the box”, with the “Old Perts”. The events took place in a nursing home. Old friends came to visit a friend and tried to cheer him up, distract him from thoughts of loneliness. Comedies about rebellious grandfathers always attract the attention of the general public.

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