Meaning of Avalon by Roxy Music & Song Story

The eighth and final studio album by the British rock band Roxy Music turned out to be the most commercially successful work of the famous musical group. Avalon pleased the fans with several hits at once and received excellent criticism, which, however, did not keep the group from breaking up.

One of the most popular tracks was the title track, named after the mythical island from the legends of the Knights of the Round Table. Let’s remember how the song “Avalon” was written.

Avalon – Roxy Music Song History

Words and music written by Brian Ferry (Brian Ferry).

Later, the author told how the idea for the future record came about, and explained the meaning of the title track:

I often thought that I should make an album in which all the songs would be tied together in the style of “West Side Story” [мюзикл West Side Story – прим. пер.], but it always seemed that working in this style would be too troublesome. Instead, I wrote these ten poems, or short stories, which could, with a little work, be turned into a novel …

Avalon is part of the Arthurian legend and it’s a very romantic story. When Arthur dies, the queens take him to Avalon, which was a kind of enchanted island. This is an incredibly romantic fantasy place.

New Music Express

Jerry Hall, Bryan Ferry’s ex-girlfriend, recalled reading The Mists of Avalon. According to her, she left the book on the bedside table in the musician’s house when she left him for Mick Jagger. Shortly thereafter, Ferry composed Avalon.

Avalon Lyrics Roxy Music

The author refrained from detailed explanations of the main idea of ​​the work, and fans of Bryan Ferry and the Roxy Music group had to put forward their own versions. We will not list them all, because these are nothing more than conjectures and fantasies.

We only note an interesting interpretation of the song Avalon, expressed by one of the readers of the site He suggests that the composition is about the end of an era of colonial Western thinking. Allegedly, the phrase “the party is over” refers to European lovers of indulging in sweet memories of the imperial past.

But this is just one of the many versions expressed by fans. Share your opinions under the article about what the song “Avalon” by Roxy Music is about.

Record Avalon

The track was recorded over several sessions. They took place in 1981-82 at Compass Point Studios, owned by Chris Blackwell, owner of Island Records.

Yanick Etienne performed expressive backing vocals. Bryan Ferry recalled how he met her:

I was in a New York studio when I heard a haunting voice coming from the hallway. It was Yannick Etienne, a singer from Haiti. She recorded demos next door. I invited her to sing on our record, which she did in one take …

The Mail on Sunday, 2009

Release and achievements

The song became the title track of the rock band Roxy Music’s album Avalon. In June 1982 it was released as the second single with Always Unknowind on the back.

It peaked at number thirteen on the UK charts.

Avalon – Roxy Music

The music video for “Avalon” by Roxy Music was directed by Howard Guard. The video features British actress Sophie Ward.

Cover versions

British pop group M People recorded Avalon for the album Fresco (1997).

Interesting Facts

  • The girl wearing the medieval helmet on the cover of the Avalon album is Lucy Birley. She was the wife of Bryan Ferry for over twenty years and bore him four children.
  • Oscar Rickett of Vice named Avalon the best after-party song.

Avalon – Roxy Music Lyrics Brian Ferry

Now the party’s over, I’m so tired
Then I see you coming out of nowhere
Much communication in a motion
Without conversation or a notion


When the samba takes you out of nowhere
And the background’s fading out of focus
Yes the picture’s changing every moment
And your destination, you don’t know it


When you bossanova there’s no holding
Would you have me dancing out of nowhere


Writer/s: B FERRY

“Avalon” Lyrics – Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry Alternative

The party is over, I’m so tired.
Then I see you show up unexpectedly
There is so much meaning in your movements
Understandable without words or intent


When the samba takes you by surprise
And all around blurs
Yes, the picture changes every second,
And you don’t know where you’ll be


When you dance the bossa nova, you can’t resist.
Will you take me by surprise with a dance?


When you bossanova there’s no holding
Would you have me dancing out of nowhere


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