Meaning of August by Intelligency & The Story Behind

The songs of the “Intelligency” group are not only quickly remembered, but also filled with deep meaning. The Belarusian musical group stands out for its charisma and frantic energy. Fans appreciate the group’s openness and sincerity. Ease and lightness of the melody, topical issues and understandable lyrics make the compositions popular. What is the true meaning of the song by Intelligency – August? What idea did the team want to convey?

In the first verse, the performers emphasize the complexity and unpredictability of our existence. Each of us is surrounded by problems. Many are mired in difficulties. How to find a way out of this situation? The lyrical hero is sure that the strongest survive. However, this phrase should not be taken literally. In most cases, we cut not with each other, but with ourselves. There are situations in which life itself tests us for strength. Some people, without even trying, give up and give up. They break under the heavy weight of circumstances. Others, on the contrary, in spite of everything, with a confident gait, go forward. Such people want to imitate. However, not everyone has the energy and mental strength to overcome life’s obstacles.

Each situation is given to us for a reason. Nobody is immune from mistakes. Each failure can temper our character. But often we do not pay attention to the chance given to us to change our lives for the better. We blame fate for our troubles and failures, not wanting to take responsibility for our existence into our own hands. “My good world got used to me.” Reality, our reality depends on our attitude towards it. If a person around him notices only the bad, he will be dissatisfied throughout his life. If we pay attention even to insignificant joyful trifles, the whole world will smile at us.

Despite his positive attitude, the lyrical hero also talks about his problems. “It hasn’t been worse in a long time.” But he does not complain about his hard lot. He is sure that the dark times will soon pass, the black streak will end. The sun will surely come out and light his way forward. We need to look to the future with bright thoughts. “From plastic rocks I learned about life.” This phrase suggests that the hero has not yet fully solved the riddle of his existence, he still does not understand his destiny. What do “plastic rocks” mean? It’s artificial, fragile. So our life is unpredictable, fleeting. It’s impossible to predict anything. You can not prepare for all the failures and problems. Life is so good that no one knows what awaits him around the corner.

In the second verse, the lyrical hero says that he is ready for the most incredible accomplishments. “I’m breaking through the ceiling.” He has a goal that he will stop at nothing to achieve. He is determined. For him, any obstacles and difficulties are not a hindrance. In this verse, he has already radically changed his point of view and openly declares: “It was not better for a long time.” The meaning of the song Intelligence – August is to convey to the listener the main idea. One bad day is not a reason to be disappointed in life. There will be many more happy joyful moments on your way. What will be the general existence, depends solely on you.

The song is a contradiction. Like our whole life, consisting of black and white stripes. People need to learn to adequately accept the difficulties and problems that will inevitably come our way. We are the creators of our own destiny. If we constantly complain, wait for help, be afraid of responsibility, then our existence will be boring and aimless. If we not only want to become happy, but also take certain steps towards this, the whole Universe will help us in realizing our dreams. The main thing is not to sit and wait for better times. After all, the best time is now.

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