Meaning of the movie The Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn, an ordinary boy of six years old, lives with his mother. The boy worries about his father, who is in a psychiatric hospital. The mother worries about her son. And one day the teacher shows her Evan’s drawings. In a nightmarish drawing, a boy stands with a bloody knife over dying people. And the child did not remember how he drew this nightmarish picture.

Mom decided to arrange a meeting with her son with his father. The inflamed brain of the patient failed, and he began to choke his son. Evan underwent a full examination, and it turned out that he was healthy. And to cope with memory lapses, Evan begins to keep a diary. Tommy and Kelly lived next door to Evan. The boy became friends with Kelly.

It’s been 6 years

On the advice of Tommy, who had sadistic tendencies, they came up with the idea of ​​blowing up the mailbox, and the explosion killed people, a woman and a baby. And Evan is lost in time again. After a terrible explosion, mother and son move to another city. Evan promises to come back for Kelly.

Another 7 years have passed

Evan is already a student, he is a future psychologist, studying memory lapses. One day he found his old diaries, read them and found himself in a different time. And Evan begins to increasingly travel into the past. He changes the course of events, the fate of people, especially Kelly. The young man is accustomed to his abilities, and the butterfly effect becomes the meaning of Evan’s life.

When the young man realized that all his efforts did not bring anything good to his loved ones, he decides to destroy himself. Now he understood why his father ended up in a psychiatric hospital and why he tried to strangle him, his own son. Evan’s father knew that he was waiting for his son, and wanted to free him from the terrible ability to move into the past.

Meaning of the movie The Butterfly Effect

The deep psychological meaning of the film is that even a minor event in the past changes the future. A slight flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause a storm on another part of the planet.

The filmmakers urge caution. Every minor action can affect the structure of the familiar world. Anything can happen – war, earthquake, flood. All the way to complete chaos. And all this can occur in another place and at another time.


Some events Evan foresees in advance. He is not sick, just memory lapses so changed the young man’s brain that he began to see the future.

The brain is designed in such a way that it can be made to remember or forget a day in your life. A person can learn to control the brain, and this is what the author of the film is trying to convey to the viewer. Evan is an ordinary clairvoyant.

religious meaning

The filmmakers also showed the meaning of faith in the film. With his attempts to change the course of events, Evan declares war on the Creator. After all, everything in this world is predetermined. Therefore, Evan will be punished – there is no life line on his hand. The events after each time travel show that everything is predetermined in fate.


Hidden in the film and philosophy. People are reminded that the world is multidimensional. There are several realities, and each has the right to exist. And all realities cannot be changed by one person. He will not stand it and will lose his mind, like Evan’s father.


Mysticism in a complex psychological story is also enough. Evan is always given signs, such as a poster with the number 7 on it.


The main idea of ​​the psychological film is that Evan feels guilty towards people, especially towards Kelly. And he tries to make amends by changing events over and over again. He hopes to achieve happiness for all loved ones. Evan does not yet understand that he will not succeed. But he once again tried to atone for his guilt. And his atoning sacrifice was accepted.

Instructive in the film

The film tries to show people that you need to be attentive to those who live next to you, to show kindness and participation. And then you don’t have to travel in time to change someone’s fate for the better. You can change it in this life.

The meaning of the final

Endless attempts to change the lives of loved ones for the better did not bring anything good. Each move brings an unexpected effect. Evan decided to go back to the very beginning. The day he was supposed to be born. And Evan killed himself, not yet born.

Evan achieved his goal. Those close to him are happy, and so is Kelly. The young man realized that he was the cause of all the troubles, and he simply did not need to be born.

It is important to understand that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice yourself for the sake of other people’s happiness. When a person cannot change anything, you should just leave. And you should also remember that the happiness of others is the highest good, taking care of people, loving them is the real meaning of life. And then no butterfly effect matters. It is also important to learn how to make the right choice.

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