The Strangers Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The horror film The Strangers was released on television back in 2008. Meaning of the movie.
The name reflects the main villains of the film – they will be masked strangers chasing civilians who are not lucky enough to be in the way of these maniacs. The PR action of the film was held under the slogan “invited by true events”, which means “based on real life”.

Indeed, the film contains many references to such events in American history as the Caddy murder and the robbery of the so-called Charles Manson gang, operating in the vicinity of San Francisco in 1969. This explanation of the film adds credibility to the plot.

Plot of the movie The Strangers

The plot of the film takes place in America of the recent past, in 2005. Two Mormon boys returning home from a religious service hear loud screams and gunshots coming from a house near the road. Running closer, they see two bodies lying in a puddle of blood and after that, they call the police.

Further, the action of the film is transferred to the past and we see
like the heroes of the movie, Kristen McKay and James Hott, go home after a stormy vacation with their friends from the university. On the road, James offers Kristen a hand and a heart, but she does not agree, saying that she cannot yet accept such a commitment.

They get to a country house that belongs to James’s father and stop there for the night. Their rest is interrupted by a knock on the door, and when they go out, an unfamiliar girl asks them if Tamara lives here? Upon learning that this is not so, the girl says that she made a mistake with the address and, apologizing, leaves.
James leaves for the store to buy cigarettes, and at this time unknown people burst into Kristen’s house, with masks on their faces.

She calls James and asks him to come as soon as possible.
However, when the guy arrives, no one is found near the house, but in the rush of this unpleasant story, Kristen drops the phone into the fireplace and accidentally cuts her hand with the sharp edge of the lamp.

The guy and the girl decide to call for help and call the cops. James runs to the car where he forgot his phone. Approaching, he sees that the tires are punctured, and the windshield is broken. A pair of shadows, which he noticed with peripheral vision, turn out to be bandits. They attack him and he runs into the house where, with Kristen’s help, he barricades the doors with various furniture.
Armed with an old shotgun, James fires at the attackers. By an unfortunate accident, he hits his friend, Michael, who decided to visit them.

Kristen remembers about the radio lying in the shed opposite the house and they decide to get to it by all means.
However, unfamiliar bandits are ready for their actions and both are caught.
They are seated on chairs, and then the bandits, called the Dolly and the Masked Man, stab Kristen and James in the stomach.
When Kristen weepingly asks why they are being killed, Dolly says “because you were here”. Throwing the bodies into a corner, the bandits leave the house and leave in an unknown direction. In the morning, Kristen wakes up and crawls out onto the road, where two Mormon boys find her.

Meaning of the movie Strangers

Each viewer can interpret the meaning of the film in different ways.
Someone sees here a banal story about a quiet town in which evil suddenly came, and someone sees an ordinary story about maniacs and their victims. But there is one moment that plays an important role in the film.

wicked rock

The film clearly shows all the inexorable power of evil fate. Seemingly innocent and uninvolved young people turn out to be victims of a brutal crime. Moreover, all their fault lies not even in the fact that they had a lot of money or their killers had personal scores with them. On the contrary, up to this point, both sides did not even know each other. So James and Kristen’s only fault is that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even a peaceful and calm life did not save the heroes from sudden problems with crime.


Everyone knows that killing is wrong. We are taught this from childhood by everyone around us. But the masked strangers decided to do everything opposite to what their nannies and educators taught them – they decided to kill people. Moreover, their purpose is unclear, because their victims did not have valuables with them, they did not know each other and had no reasons for enmity. It turns out that these people killed only out of boredom, they committed murder for the sake of killing, and this is their goal. The horror is that any person could suffer from the actions of these maniacs.

Therefore, even in quiet towns, security often falls on the shoulders of those same civilians, and not at all on the cops. It is on civilians that the safety of their neighbor and themselves depends. Thus, the importance of mutual assistance for human society is shown.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Strangers

The meaning of the ending is self-sufficient. Viewers can also come up with their own versions of the script and the continuation of events, but since there was no continuation of The Strangers, they will remain only in the minds of the audience. And the rest will see the same as everyone else – the story is over, the victims got out of the trap of maniacs, but not without bloodshed. James is badly injured or killed, and Kristen herself has yet to get to the hospital, and who knows if she will survive or not. Evil has receded, but the whole struggle with it is still ahead.

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