The Girl in the Fog Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Girl in the Fog is based on the book of the same name. Moreover, the author of the book and the director of the film were the same person – Donato Kirrisi. The fact that the picture was shot by a beginner definitely has its advantages – unusual ways of revealing characters, atypical removal of the surrounding background, and some other features that have not previously been used in films. Let’s figure out what the meaning of the film “The Girl in the Fog” is, and why it was able to collect an incredible amount of positive reviews so quickly, although at first glance the plot does not seem original.

Film The Girl in the Fog

In a small Italian town, just before Christmas, a 16-year-old girl goes missing. She says nothing about her being killed. But a few days after the loss, it becomes clear to everyone that it is unlikely that she is still alive. No traces of her disappearance have been found, there is no corpse, no witnesses, no weapon, not even a motive. The picture is frightening and mysterious. The atmosphere is also reinforced by the fact that the action takes place in a small town cut off from the real world. All residents know each other, and therefore the disappearance of the girl looks even more frightening, because it turns out that the killer is among the residents.

Investigator Vogel arrives from the capital, who has his own method of investigating the cases that he is assigned. At first, this character evokes twofold feelings – on the one hand, he looks very presentable and impressive, on the other hand, Vogel seems to be too confident, even self-confident, which somewhat repels both the locals and the audience from him. Later, as we see more of the unusual methods of investigation, the feeling that Vogel is not the most positive character only intensifies.

The investigator does not focus on investigating evidence and working out various versions, he tries to make the criminal make a mistake and, thus, Vogel will arrest him. To do this, he uses the media – places some announcements about the progress of the case under investigation. However, this method becomes a hook not for the victim, but for the investigator himself.

The criminal is not as stupid as it seems to the investigator, he confuses the detective, he loses control over the situation. The director’s approach to shooting the entourage is interesting. During the investigation, the town in which the action takes place often appears on the screen, only from above, so that the viewer has a better idea of ​​what the area looks like. It is also beautiful and interesting because the view from above is not a real city from a bird’s eye view, but only a layout of the area – from cones, plastic houses and so on.

The main suspicion in the investigation falls on the professor of the local university – Martini, who lives not so long ago in the town, the locals do not know him well, in addition, there is another weighty piece of evidence against the professor. His car was seen near the girl’s house shortly before she disappeared. Now all the attention of the investigator is directed only to this person, and finally, he charges him. Professor Martini is in custody, and meanwhile the very press that Vogel used as a tool turns its eyes on the professor. The media allows itself to openly accuse and convict the professor, although the trial has not yet passed, his reputation has been ruined, his personality has been denigrated, it will be possible to put an end to his career, and in addition, Martini has a family that also has an unpleasant shadow in connection with what happened.

It remains only to prove the guilt of Professor Martini, and with this the investigator has a problem, a bunch of evidence comes to the surface, proving that the accused cannot be guilty. Martini is released, in addition, he receives a huge compensation. It turns out that a person whose life could have been ruined because of this story seems to even be in the “plus”.

Meaning of the movie Girl in the Fog

The main meaning of the film “The Girl in the Fog” lies precisely in the influence of the media on a person’s life. Throughout the development of the action, journalists, reporters and newspapers take a direct part in the investigation, moreover, they even influence its course. In terms of modernity, this is not just an exaggerated picture, but the realities of the surrounding world. Apparently, this question seems to be very urgent for the director. The main question and problem to think about after watching the film is that the influence of the media is very global and too ubiquitous.

At the end, new details of the investigation are revealed. In fact, there was a whole series of murders, and the inconspicuous and very intelligent Dr. Flores was behind them, he is charged with a number of murders of young girls, including the recently missing Anna. And although the doctor does not deny his guilt, in the very finale it turns out that Anna was still killed by Professor Martini, who deliberately copied the method of killing Flores in order to receive a reward. The Martini family was in a difficult financial situation, and this compensation helped Martini a lot to get out of a difficult situation.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Girl in the Fog” is the understanding of values ​​​​by people. Professor Martini was ready and even committed the murder of an innocent girl just to make money. Martini does not know how to value other people’s lives.

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