Meaning of The Matrix

The picture of the directors of the brothers, and now the sisters, Wachevski marked the beginning of a whole direction in modern cinema. The active introduction of special effects made it possible to immensely expand the visual possibilities of the film.

The plot of The Matrix

The plot is captivating from the very first frame. Office clerk Thomas Anderson does not quite legal business in his spare time. While conducting one of these scams, he encounters not quite ordinary Trinity and Morpheus. Communication with them gradually reveals the truth on the realities of the life in which one is. He (now Neo) first tries, and then realizes that his former life does not seem authentic. This is just an artificially created network. Matrix of life for all living things. And it is controlled by a synthetic mind, which manages the life of anyone at its discretion.

Morpheus reveals the truth to Thomas about the network. He saw a huge potential in it and transfers his knowledge and skills for the war with this system. Not immediately, but Anderson comes to grips with this artificial monster.

But the Matrix also does not let its victims out of the net just like that. The army of judges and executioners rolled into one, and they are Agent Smith in the film, seeks to destroy their enemies everywhere, in any reality. A fierce battle ensues. Man and network. Man and system.

Meaning of The Matrix

Nearly twenty years after the film’s release, its meaning becomes extraordinarily true. What was then presented as fantasy, phantasmagoria, a fairy tale has now acquired real features. Now, once again reviewing the film, you begin to perceive it in a completely different way. And this is due to the fact that computerization and digitalization have already penetrated into all, even secluded, corners of people’s lives.

Since the release of this already cult film, a huge number of articles have appeared in which they tried to reveal the true idea of ​​the picture. The meaning of the film “The Matrix” now with even greater degree of plausibility showed the dependence of people on the network that they themselves created.

Watching the development of events in which the main character Anderson is involved, you begin to understand why the choice fell on him. As an ordinary person gradually in life, and an ordinary clerk at work becomes a superman by the end of the picture. This karma that fell to him was not accidental. This was immediately recognized by Morpheus, who from the very first meetings began to prepare him as a leader, leader of the movement to destroy the matrix.

But the further development of the plot does not get tired of throwing up new riddles and questions for understanding. Gradually, Anderson, being reborn as Neo, is increasingly drawn into the war with the matrix. And this struggle, like any other, requires complete dedication. And sometimes victims. Neo’s never-ending battle with the matrix, represented by Agent Smith, makes it clear that any network will contain anyone who gets into it. Along with this, the main character begins to come to an understanding of the construction of the universe. Not everyone gets these thoughts into their heads. BUT, if you have entered, then there are only two options: either accept it as it is and put up with what is understood; or try to start transforming it all.

You can try to consider the meaning of this film from the point of view of psychology. Among people there will always be those who, living their lives in their reality, that is, in the matrix, will be dissatisfied with it. They will be dissatisfied with the program according to which their pre-programmed life proceeds. Man’s understanding of reality is based on our own experience. And he, in turn – from the amount of information received from our senses. And this is a very limited range of perception. So, it is quite possible to assume that something may be outside the boundaries. And this is where conflict can happen. And sometimes it happens.

You can try to understand the meaning from the point of view of Christianity. The very names of some of the characters hint at this character of the film. Biblical motifs can be traced in the dialogues and remarks. All plot development is constantly supported by hints and separate phrases from the Bible. The concept of meaning from this perspective raises many more questions that everyone must answer for themselves. How should mere mortals act: should they refuse help from above (the Architect), refuse to fight with their opponent (Smith), start looking for their Teacher, step over the fear of losing loved ones and loved ones (Trinity)? Is it given to everyone to perform an act (chosenness)? Can we be responsible for our own lives (living in the here and now)?

The meaning of the ending of the movie The Matrix

The final part of the film develops according to the classic canons of Hollywood. The fight between the opposing sides reaches its climax. But even in this uncomplicated part of the plot, the deep essence of what is happening can be traced. The price of victory is incredibly high. It requires enormous strains of strength and will. It requires immeasurable sacrifices.

And even the death of Neo himself is the reincarnation of him in the Chosen Ones. And this achieves the goal.

Even now, so many years after the film’s debut, there are new attempts to make sense of the film. And this huge number of versions once again confirms the main idea of ​​the film: all restrictions exist only in the head of the person himself. By removing them, he, thereby, ceases to consider any actions a problem.

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