The Godfather Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The famous cult film of the 70s of the last century “The Godfather” became popular almost immediately. It is based on the novel of the same name by Mario Puzo. The gangster drama, which had a budget of just $6 million, managed to gross more than $246 million at the box office. This film took the second position among the best films during the existence of American cinema. They managed to shoot it in 4 months in 1971, and the premiere took place in March 1972 and gathered a lot of feedback from interested viewers.

The drama tells the story of a mafia family in Sicily, in which the father, Don Corleone, gives his daughter in marriage. At the same time, his son Michael returned from military operations – he had no desire to engage in the further development of the family business. Don Corleone continues to do business, adhering to the old rules and regulations, but over time, people appear in it who have a desire to bring something new to the development of the mafia. An attempt is made on Don Corleone, while his entire family suffers from new people in the mafia. Michael did not want to interfere in these matters. but he must protect his father and his family.

This film is primarily about family. Don Corleone managed to create a family that has its own rules and at the same time children grow up in it who have an idea of ​​what love, understanding, acceptance and support are. Despite the corrupt world in which they had to live, all family members try to support each other and lend a helping hand if it is really necessary. According to the laws of this family, no one can betray each other, and if he decides to betray, this will mean that not one person is betrayed, but the whole family. Thus, relatives are interconnected not only by moral and ethical concepts, but also by blood.

Since ancient times, the family has been the place where you can find support, understanding and protection from the hostile outside world. In this film, this is more than understandably highlighted – in the family, everyone is for each other, and they beat off every resistance from the outside together.

Also, this film is about the diplomatic skills of a person to maintain important contacts for him and be able to negotiate with benefit, first of all, for himself. Don Corleone is an indicator of the ability to communicate with members of the gangster clan, achieve their goals and withdraw from relationships not only the necessary experience, but also benefits.

Don Corleone is shown in this film as a symbol of a self-confident person for whom family has always come first, while he always knows what he wants to achieve in this life and what to achieve. This character, of course, deserves great attention of the audience. Although the film is very old and cinematography has gone ahead a long time ago thanks to new technologies and special effects, it remains just as interesting, while carrying a huge meaning, which can only be understood by watching the film and comprehending it on your own. But if you think about it, what is this film about? Why was it filmed and shown on the big screen?

The main character managed to build a huge business, from which he has his own benefit, while he does not fall below the plinth and retains his dignity. He loves his family, he is an exemplary family man, which he teaches to his children. For him, the family is the most valuable and important thing that can be. His business does not affect the attitude towards the family, while the hero has more and more enemies. After all, the mafia has its own laws, and Don Corleone decided to go against the rules – to treat those around him, mutually and act as morality dictates.

Because of his principles and attitudes, people with a completely different view of all this leaked into the environment. When an attempt is made on Corleone, his son Michael rises to his defense, who was initially not interested in being in these circles and becoming a member of the mafia clan. In this act, the whole essence of the film is revealed – the son for the father and the father for the son. They are of the same blood, so they are ready to defend the truth and defend each other to the very end.

The film teaches the viewer that you should always be on the side of your relatives, because they are the only people who will support you in any situation and will not let you fall.

The Hidden Meaning of ‘The Godfather’ Movie: You Read But Without Respect

There are a lot of people in the world who watched the films of the trilogy “The Godfather” with bated breath. Many call these pictures “gangster saga”, and not far from the truth. However, behind the shootings and murders lies a deep message.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So sit back, it will be interesting!



Many blame the Godfather franchise for popularizing and romanticizing the mafia. However, such viewers and activists, as a rule, simply did not understand the deep psychological overtones of these films. Therefore, we will deal with them today.

family saga

Corleone family

Yes, The Godfather is, first and foremost, a story about a family. And this is not so much about blood relatives who love and respect each other, but about a community of interested persons. You will be forgiven here for almost anything, except for one thing – betrayal. There is no romance here, because we are talking about a banal and the only working method of survival in the criminal world.

The head of the family, who ran away from the revenge of the Sicilian mafia as a child, is forced to raise children in American society. However, this does not mean that in the United States everything is ruled by law. On the contrary, here everything is bought and sold, from the patrolman to the senator. A question of price. Therefore, for Corleone children in the United States, it is even more dangerous than at home.

Therefore, the father instills in children the right attitudes from childhood: to cherish the family, to be faithful to it, to create their own personal code of honor. Corleone does the same with outsiders. He guarantees the protection of the family, and he will kill anyone who betrayed her.

Crime is a piece of art

Crimes in The Godfather

In films, viewers study all crime scenes with notes of admiration and pioneering. This effect is obtained due to the fact that for the mafia there is nothing unusual in depriving a person of life.

They do not revel in violence and blood, but simply perceive such tasks as part of life. For them, human weaknesses are no more than a tool that can open doors to a cherished goal.

Few immigrants to the United States have risen as high as Vito Corleone. However, initially he was an honest man who wanted to earn his bread in peace.

Mafia is immortal

godfather 2

One of the main points of the film trilogy is the idea that the mafia is immortal. Yes, Don Vito is at the peak of his power and power, but next to him are already sons who will be destined to take the reins of power in their own hands over time.

It seems that the Corleone clan may soon come to an end, but Vincent Mancini enters the scene – an energetic young man who is ready to give up a lot for the sake of receiving the godfather’s ring.

The point is that as long as Vito’s blood flows in the veins of his descendants, the clan will be immortal.

Nothing extra, just business


Vito Corleone built his empire through “bought politics”. Therefore, other mafiosi are forced to bow to him in order to resolve their issues. The don has his own code of honor, he makes himself a lot of deadly enemies.

However, he tried to impose his rules of the game and morality on those who completely lack it. As a result, he was defeated in order to save his loved ones. You can’t be half criminal, because reality is extremely cruel.

At the end of the film, we see that everyone is equal before death – whether you are a simple worker or a powerful don. The godfather in his declining years was left alone with his thoughts and memories. The orange here is a symbol of death held by weakening hands.

After that comes the understanding that all the sacrifices made by the new godfather were in vain, because his death will be lonely and bitter. Thus ends the trilogy.

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