Terrified Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The horror film Terrified is actually about how pointless to deal with all sorts of misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s better to accept things the way they are. Perhaps the whole life lies in the fact that a person humbles himself, stops fighting with what he cannot change. Therefore, you need to look deeper into all these horror films. They may have a deeper meaning.

The horror film Terrified was filmed in Argentina. Perhaps it should be watched at night, when only a laptop or cell phone is turned on, headphones are inserted into the ears. Darkness around. Only you and the shining monitor screen. The film has many positives and negatives.

Of course, the film is not without flaws. But still, it was filmed quite professionally. The eerie atmosphere is recreated quite well. What we have? A good, albeit hackneyed story that the entrance to the other world has opened. Some anomalous things began to happen in three houses in the city of Buenos Aires. In the first of these houses, a terrible monster hid in one of the rooms. He settled under the bed and went outside sometimes.

A girl lived in another house. So, sometimes some strange voice began to sound in the pipes of the sink. He threatened the girl and threatened to take her life. In the end, the young woman was killed. The third house has become famous for the most terrible phenomena. The child who died about four days ago returned to him. He has risen.

Three specialists were hired to investigate these horrific cases. They are assisted by a detective who has heart problems. During the investigation, the detective sets fire to the houses in which these specialists are located at that moment. They die, burning alive. The detective himself leaves the city. All this is done very well for a picture of the horror genre. At the same time, the three researchers are of very advanced age. The detective, although younger, has a weak heart. And all around this horror. The viewer sees what is happening from his point of view, hears how his heart beats. It’s called really empathizing with the hero, feeling the fear that permeates to the very bones. There is only one horror around and people feel it.

The plot is unusual. We have three stories that go one after another. However, the presentation of events can be accused of being predictable. Pulls the film on the plot somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, towards the end it sags. The film was unable to maintain tension and unpredictability until the very end.

That’s what we have in the story. City of Buenos Aires. More precisely, its outskirts, where sleeping areas are probably located. Unfortunately, a portal opened there, through which the evil spirit found its way out. The most terrible phenomena have been described above. Otherworldly forces threaten everyone. They gave themselves free rein, escaping from their world. Unfortunately, these powers are real. They do not just scare people and cause panic. They really can kill. For example, the aforementioned voice from a shell in one of the houses. The woman did not attach importance to the otherworldly voices coming from there until she paid with her life for it.

Or a student who got hit by a car. He died after that, but now he suddenly decided to come home. The local police detective is obliged to clarify the situation and put an end to evil spirits. To do this, you will have to use the services of three old researchers of unusual phenomena. The intrigue is also that he once loved the mother of a schoolboy who was hit by a car. Each house must be investigated by detectives for unusual phenomena.

The film Terrified was directed by Demian Rumia. He got a low-budget, but interesting picture. Let it have poor special effects, but a great atmosphere. The film deserves to be called a good horror movie. The picture resembles many cult tapes of this genre of the glorious past. Many people remember the series “Poltergeist”, which was filmed back in the 1990s of the 20th century. We should also not forget about such a film as “Pet Cemetery”. From recent years, you can also recall the movie series “Paranormal Activity”. The horror genre will always be popular, but there are few good films coming out of it. Terrified is one such painting.

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