Meaning of Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz & The Story Behind

The legendary American film actor and director Clint Eastwood became famous for his roles of goodies, which he played in numerous westerns.

The members of the Gorillaz project paid their respects to Eastwood in an original way. They named a composition after him, which to this day is their most famous creation.

The story and meaning of the song Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

Clint Eastwood became the first single from the debut disc of this virtual group. An unusual combination of musical genres, an original video clip and a fun tune made the track an international hit, which started the success of Gorillaz.

The Hollywood actor is mentioned only in the title of the song, and there is not a word about him directly in the text. Why then Clint Eastwood? Allegedly due to the presence in the chorus of the line “I got sunshine in a bag”, borrowed from Eastwood’s character, which he played in the classic spaghetti western “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.”

In addition, the song periodically features excerpts from the main theme of the film’s soundtrack, which in the original is performed on the harmonica.

It is also said that the members of Gorillaz, while working on the album in Jamaica, came across a local reggae artist who performed under the pseudonym Clint Eastwood. Perhaps this fact somehow influenced the choice of the title of the song.

Gorillaz fans are especially haunted by the line about the joy in the bag. Many see it as a hint of marijuana or some other drug. Recall that in the Western with the participation of Clint Eastwood, his character had in mind a bag of gold.

The song’s verses were rapped by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and the chorus was sung by Damon Albarn.

Release and achievements

Gorillaz released Clint Eastwood as a single in the spring of 2001. In the UK, the song peaked at number four on the chart, but peaked at number 57 in the US.

In Foggy Albion, the disc sold almost half a million copies. The composition was included in the list of 150 best tracks of the past fifteen years according to New Musical Express magazine.

Video of Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

An animated video for Clint Eastwood, directed by Jamie Newlett and Pete Candeland, deserves special consideration. It begins with bloody Gorillaz lettering on a black background and a quote from Dawn of the Dead (1978): “Every dead man that hasn’t been destroyed rises and kills. The people he kills rise up and kill.” The quote appears first in Japanese, then in English.

What happens in the video will not be further described. Better watch for yourself and take this funny music video as you see fit.

Interesting Facts

  • Clint Eastwood had no reaction to the song named after him.
  • The phrase that begins the Clint Eastwood video clip was considered offensive in some countries, so music channels played a stripped-down version of it.
  • The zombie dance in the video is reminiscent of the choreography from the musical short “Thriller” starring Michael Jackson.
  • One of the characters in the clip wears a T-shirt that says “T Virus”, which is reminiscent of the fictional virus from Resident Evil.
  • The Clint Eastwood song can be heard in many feature films and television series: Walker, Texas Ranger, Smallville and others.

Clint Eastwood Lyrics by Gorillaz

I ain’t happy but I’m feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless but not for long
The future is coming on
I am happy, I’m feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless but not for long
The future is coming on
Is coming on x3

Yeah, ha ha!
Finally someone let me out of my cage
Now, time for me is nothing ’cause I’m counting no age
Now I couldn’t be there
Now you shouldn’t be scared
I’m good at repairs
And I’m under each snare
Bet you didn’t think so I command you to
panoramic view
Look I’ll make it all manageable
Pick and choose
Sit and lose
All you different crews
Chicks and dudes
Who do you think is really kickin’ tunes?
Picture you are gettin’ down in the picture tube
Like you lit the fuse
You think it’s fictional
mystical? Maybe
What appears in you is a clearer view ’cause you’re too crazy
To know the definition for what life is
For you because I put you on the hype shit
Do you like it?
Gunsmokin’ righteous with one toke
Psychic among those
Possess you with one go

The essence the basics
Without it you make it
Allow me to make this
childlike in nature
You have it or you don’t that’s a fallacy
I’m in them
Every sprouting tree
Every child piece
Every cloud you see
You see with your eyes
I see destruction and demise
Corruption in disguise
From this f***in’ enterprise
Now I’m sucking to your lies
Through Russ, though not his muscles but the percussion he provides
With me as a guide
But y’all can see me now ’cause you don’t see with your eye
You perceive with your mind
That’s the inner
So I’mma stick around with Russ and be a mentor
With a few rhymes so mother f***ers
Remember where the thought is
I brought all this
So you can survive when law is lawless
Feelings, sensations that you thought were dead
No squealing, remember
(That it’s all in your head)

Song quote

I’m sure Clint Eastwood would love it. He is a reasonable person.

Damon Albarn

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