Meaning of SugarCrash! by ElyOtto

ElyOtto (real name Elliot) is a Canadian musician born in Calgary. ElyOtto posts his songs on tiktok and youtube. In the six months since its publication, Sugar Crash has amassed nearly nine and a half million views on Youtube alone. Tiktok views are even higher.

According to the musician, initially Sugar Crash was a small sound track (test), but he liked the melody so much that ElyOtto turned it into a song. The work combines elements from hyperpop, nightcore’d sound, electronic auto-tuning and evil and cheeky metaphors to convey nostalgic feelings for the 2000s and create a unique driving track. In the comments, people admit that they love to start the morning with this song – it fills them with vigor and a desire to live the soap operas of their lives better than energy drinks.

The song begins with a chorus in which we find out that the singer has no money and his blood sugar has dropped, most likely from hunger. His internal state reflects the external: he feels tired from the surrounding nonsense, and not a single line can please him. The musician wants to cut his brain in half in order to end his torment and split. The author wanted to start with the chorus because of the energy-rich rhythm that sets the tone for the rest of the parts.

From the verse there is a fleeting feeling of calmness: the hero of the song listens to hyperpop in headphones, and everything around dissolves. Around him, neon lights are lit – a hint of the atmospheric two thousandths, and he feels in luxury even without money. The past with its inner wealth inspires him, and the singer ceases to hate himself, although he understands that he is doing everything wrong, except for smoking a bong. Smoking is the only thing that brings him positive emotions. Almost every part of the song ends with the words “feel good” – to feel good and full – the most sincere desire of the hero. The musician directly states that he takes pills to somehow pacify his restless and unstable mind, but this time he forgot to take them and feels bad.

The second chorus sounds like the end of a hyperpop track and a return to reality, where sugar is still low, there is no money, and everything around is chaos and stupidity. The rest of the song consists of two transitions, the meaning of which reflects the question “where next?”. The hero thinks about what to do with his screwed up life. In these two transitions, the musician imagines that his entire future existence lies before him and understands that the best thing he can do is fool around all his life, create sound all his life. The second transition repeats the first without changes, as if reinforcing the acquired meaning of life. The song ends with a feeling of freedom from the fact that by fooling around and making a sound, the hero can achieve anything – even return to the best time.

Track ElyOtto “Sugar crash” in a driving manner tells the story of the loss and finding the meaning of life through understanding the importance of creativity. A real musician can feel good not when he is full or sugar, or his head is normal, but only in the process of creating a sound.

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