Meaning of Steh auf by Lindemann

Who starred and the meaning of the clip Steh auf LINDEMANN? The German band LINDEMANN is a musical project of the vocalist of the world-famous Rammstein band Till Lindemann and the leader of the equally successful Pain band Peter Tägtgren. Most recently, the band released a music video for the song “Steh auf”. Hard drums, deep low voices of vocalists and complete madness on the screen. But what is this clip about?

The modern art of creating clips has long moved to a new level, and even a seemingly understandable clip with a simple plot can be fraught with hidden meanings, hidden messages and ambiguous elements. What can we say about the new clip LINDEMANN, which definitely does not pretend to be a clip with a transparent history. We studied various versions of Internet users, and also made up our own opinion about all the transitions and walls of locations in the clip. Let’s figure out what is the meaning of the clip “Steh auf”, or “Get up”.

The meaning of the clip Steh auf LINDEMANN

The first viewing leaves a rather mixed impression. The motive and vocals are quite in the style of Till Lindemann. By the way the main place of action – the stage – is constantly blurred and distorted, it becomes clear that this is unrealistic. The suspicious eyes of the drummer say the same, looking at the unfolding events with notes of pure madness.

The clip is dominated by bright colors and dynamism. In contrast, we have the bitterness and pain that the vocals are saturated with. To better understand the idea of ​​LINDEMANN, you need to read the translation of the song. The text is based on the fact that there is a holiday, a circus, an amusement park around. This song is sung by an active child who wants to try all the rides and have fun. He asks to buy goodies and take him to interesting places. This does not happen, because the one to whom the child addresses is lying. So he asks: “Get up!”. When this line is repeated at the end of the third verse, we finally know who the main character is talking to. He shouts: “Get up, mom!”. The fact is that the mother of Till Lindemann himself moves in a wheelchair. This song expresses the singer’s feelings, shows his spiritual wounds, pain for a loved one and inability to change anything.

One of the versions is based on the fact that the events of the video take place under the influence of drug intoxication of the drummer. He sees all these locations and band members who do not know how to play instruments, interfere with each other or even blur in the air. Then we see the red room, the same drummer (he remained in the same position, continues to play) and two identical people who mimic each other’s actions, trying to cripple and drown. These people are sides of the same person. Remember yourself. Surely you argue with yourself from time to time, while the good side and the bad side are fighting in you. One pulls to the bottom, into the darkness, and the other tries its best to pull it into the light. It is important to note that the drummer is sitting on the toilet. That is, he catches all these hallucinations in an ordinary bathroom.

At the end of the clip, suspicions come to him or the realization that this mess in his head is precisely because of the drugs. They destroy his life and psyche, just like those people on horseback who break into the red room and destroy one of the hallucination worlds.

At the end, one of the members of the imaginary band is killed and disappears from the stage. The drummer closes his eyes. He’s probably trying to come to his senses.

Who starred in the clip Steh auf

The video for the track “Steh Auf” was filmed back in April this year in Kazakhstan. “Steh auf” will be featured on Lindemann’s new album “F & M”, which will be available to listen in full on November 22. In addition to Lindemann, Peter Stormare starred in the video.

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare is a Swedish-American actor. One of the most sought-after Swedish actors of the 1980s and 1990s, whose work ranged from festival auteur films to Hollywood blockbusters. He also acts as a playwright, director and musician.


Peter Tegtgren

peter tegtgren

In the Steh auf video, he appeared as a drummer. Peter Tägtgren is a Swedish musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, music video director, leader of the death metal band Hypocrisy and creator of the industrial metal project Pain. In addition, Tagtgren created the black metal project The Abyss, participated in the supergroups War and Lock Up. Tägtgren created the musical project Lindemann with Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann.

Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann is a German vocalist, songwriter and frontman of the metal bands Rammstein and Lindemann, poet. He took part in the recording of some songs of Apocalyptica, Puhdys and Emigrate. Author of collections of poems “Messer”, “In stillen Nächten”, starred in 8 films. He has an education in pyrotechnics.

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