Meaning of song Big Gun by rock band AC/DC

The feature film The Last Action Hero, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played one of the main characters, can hardly be considered a masterpiece of world cinema. Yes, and in the acting career of Arnie there were much brighter roles. But, as is often the case in movies, not the most successful picture gave the world a great song.

In this case, we are talking about the composition Big Gun, which the rock band AC / DC performed directly for the aforementioned comedy fantasy action movie. It would be rather silly to speculate about the meaning of the Big Gun song, given the purpose for which it was written. Although, if you do not agree with this, and you have interesting thoughts about this, you are welcome in the comments.

Big Gun Song Story – AC/DC

Recording Big Gun was led by renowned producer Rick Rubin.

The Big Gun single was released in the summer of 1993 and soon rose to number one on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks for the first time in AC/DC history.

The band did not include Big Gun on any of their studio albums. It wasn’t until 2009 that the song became one of the tracks on the Backtracks box set.

Music Video Big Gun – AC/DC

The music video for Big Gun was directed by David Mallet. In this video, Jack Slater, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from The Last Action Hero, appears at an AC/DC concert.

However, it is hardly worth retelling the plot of such a famous clip. If for some reason you have not seen it yet, it’s time to correct this oversight.

Interesting Facts

  • Big Gun was the last single released by AC/DC featuring drummer Chris Slade.
  • The song was frequently featured on the controversial American radio show The Savage Nation.
  • Shavo Odadjian, now a member of the System of a Down group, “lit up” in the Big Gun video.

Text songs Big Gun-AC/DC

A riot on the radio
Pictures on the TV
Invader man taking what he can
Shoot-out on the silver screen
Stickin’ ’em up and knockin’ ’em down
Living out a fantasy
There’s a bad man cruising around
In a big black limousine
Don’t let it be wrong
Don’t let it be right
Get in his way
You’re dead in his sights

big gun
big gun number one
big gun
Big gun kick the hell outta you

Terminators, Uzi makers
Shootin’ up Hollywood
Snakes alive with a .45
Gettin’ off and doin’ no good
If you ain’t wise they’ll cannibalize
Tear the flesh off of you
Classified live lady killers
Preyin’ in a human zoo
He’d saddle you up
And take you to town
Better look out
When he comes around

Big gun got a hot one
Big gun got a number one
Big gun, goin’ to the target
Big gun, hot hot hot
Got big gun ready or not
Big gun, give it, give it a shot

Big Gun Lyrics

Riot on the radio
Movies on TV
The invader takes what he can
Shootout on the blue screen
Rob them and cut them down
Fantasy turned into reality
Bad boy driving around
In a big black limousine
You are right
Or wrong
caught his eye –
And you are dead

A gun
Gun number one
A gun
The gun will beat the shit out of you

Terminators, manufacturers of “uzi”,
Scorching in Hollywood
Real bastards with 45 caliber
Doing only evil
If you lack intelligence, they will devour you with giblets,
Will tear you apart
Secret killers of women
Prey hunters in the human zoo
He will immediately saddle you
And take you to the city
When he’s around

The gun is the coolest
Gun number one
The gun hits right on target.
The gun is very cool
Cannon – ready or not
Cannon – come on, fire

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