Meaning of Something in the Way by Nirvana

What is the meaning behind Nirvana’s “Something in the way”?

The song “Something in the way” by Nirvana is full of some mystery. The fact is that it does not refer to a specific problem in society, but it is also addressed to the plight of the performer Kurt Cobain. In this song, he concluded all his pain and suffering. But what happened in his life? Why does she put severe tests before the performer? Let’s figure it out!

The meaning of the title of the song “Something in the way”

The title of the song translates as “Something in the way”, loosely translated as “Obstacle in the way”. That is, even the name of the group indicates what it will sing about. She wants to show that there was a period in the life of a particular person when there was a huge obstacle in his way. However, Kurt was able to overcome it and move on, but this does not mean that everyone can do it. That is why the song will show us that even in the life of famous people there were difficulties that could not stop them.

This theme is better revealed in the song itself.

The meaning of the song “Something in the way”

There was a moment in Kurt Cobain’s life that exactly matched the words of the song and its meaning. It happened after the divorce of his parents. None of the new family of parents loved him, so one day there came a moment when his mother told him something like this: “Either get used to it or leave.” And he left.

According to the recollections of the band members, for some time Kurt Cobain actually lived under the bridge. Life hit him hard, depriving loved ones and places of residence, but later he was able to return life to normal. But the song tells about the time when he lived away from home.

The first verse describes the severity of the author’s being away from home. He lives under a bridge, and the only roof over his head is cracked. But in this situation, he sees himself as real, which is why animals are drawn to the author. His torment is a necessary stage in life that had to happen. His agony is more like the suffering of Jesus. Perhaps there is some symbolism in this.

The phrase “eat fish” is a clear reference to himself. Kurt Cobain often called himself a fish because of his zodiac sign. There are fish – this is to destroy him. The words “they have no feelings” show that everyone around them thought that was the case. They said that Kurt had no feelings, so he could be destroyed.

The chorus is laconic, but it is very important in the context of the story. All that was described above, according to the author, is only a small obstacle on the way and nothing more. So he shows that he can survive it.

Further, the words of the song are repeated, possibly showing that there were several such cases in the life of the performer. But here it is important to understand one thing – he does not complain, but shows that any trials and difficulties can be overcome. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, it will not be possible to do it right away, but, nevertheless, it is real.

It is important to understand this, otherwise the song in its meaning turns into a sad story of the performer about his life, but not an important lesson. By the way, the word “something” in the title seems to specifically show that the obstacle is really small. The author does not call the problem huge or gigantic. He just calls her “something”, as if he’s neglecting her. Most likely, this also has a certain connotation, showing us that absolutely any life problem should not break a person, but become only a small obstacle on the way.

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