Meaning of Somebody Told Me by The Killers

The song “Somebody told me” by the Killers is perhaps the most famous and emotional of their entire work. It was she who was able to absorb everything that the listeners adore so much. But after all, in any song, not only the sound is important, but also the meaning. So how is it in this musical composition? In this article, we will tell you about the meaning of the song “Somebody told me”, which may not be clear the first time.

The song is very confusing, so its meaning is still a mystery to listeners. However, we will still try to figure it out. Perhaps the meaning is closer than we think.

The meaning of the title of the song “Somebody told me”

Someone told me that this is how the title of the song is translated, it’s a hint of some kind of rumor. Someone is a kind of analogue of the voice of the people, supposedly everyone says so. By this, the performer shows that his assumptions are based on social thought, assumption, but by no means an exact fact.

The meaning of the song “Somebody told me”

Let’s move on to the lyrics of the song.

The first verse immediately shows us that the lyrical hero (that is, the performer) is trying to get acquainted with some girl. She is attractive to him, but for some reason life does not give him a chance. Even corny to know the name of the beloved is impossible. Paradise for him is very far away, that is, he practically does not see real chances for this relationship. Or perhaps this is how he shows that he will have to work hard to achieve his love.

He urges the girl not to sleep, otherwise she will miss something. Surely, he is preparing some kind of surprise, so he asks her to be more careful.

But some rumors prevent him from reaching his paradise. What are these rumors?

The chorus opens the veil of secrecy. A guy who looks like the ex-girlfriend of the performer is a clear hint that his chosen one is a lesbian. Her “young man” is a girl who tries to hide her female identity. Then we understand why the performer cannot even recognize the name – he simply does not suit the girl.

Then he proposes a conversation that will backfire and then he leaves without the girl. Surely, this is a simple explanation that will not lead to anything positive, but will help him come to terms. Apparently, the performer even needs to just talk, even if it does not change anything. Such is the sensitive nature.

One can only guess how hard it was for him to understand that his last chances for a relationship were ruined by the orientation of his beloved.

The second verse shows that the young man still wants to try in his heart, but the brain tells him to stop. Therefore, he is torn between two decisions – still try the relationship or cut off all contacts. The outcome of this choice is unknown.

Can such a meaning of the song be considered unique? Was the group able to create something that, after realizing the meaning, makes the face freeze in surprise? It’s up to you, dear readers! But one thing cannot be denied – the song “Somebody told me” really makes you think and relax, delving into your own thoughts. We invite you to do the same!

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