Meaning of Side Effects by Stray Kids

The peculiar electronic music of the nine Stray Kids boys is worthy of understanding. Today we will pay attention to the hit of Korean children Side Effects.

Only the names here are relatively clear – they are in common English. The texts are more difficult to parse, few people speak Korean. To help us, there will be translations of “Side Effects”, including an adapted Russian version – a cover by Jackie-O.


Under this heading is not only the effect of such music on old-fashioned “ancestors”. This is the chorus of the song. Its semantic center. It is the pain in the head that turns out to be the main side effect of what is described in couplets.

The chorus sounds clear, like a slogan. Therefore, the most suitable option for pronunciation in Russian is “Bo-lit bosh-ka!” We suggest using this translation to anyone who decides to make another cover of this masterpiece.

Mysterious Pills

The refrain sounds in the song a list of possible side effects from some medication. But couplets contain a lot of information. In addition to the main problem mentioned in the chorus, there are some hints in the text:

  • depersonalization, comparing oneself with a color-changing chameleon;
  • blurred vision (blurry picture);
  • anxiety;
  • desire for other people.

The last one is the most mysterious. Probably, when taking the mentioned medication, the singer’s oxytocin level increased, and this became unpleasant news for him.

“Wheels” of self-confidence

The author calls his pills a medicine that increases self-confidence. At least, this was expected at the beginning of the reception. The side effects that appeared in the process led to the creation of this powerful creation.

Judging by the description, we are talking about antidepressants of the SSRI class. It is serotonin that is designed to give a sense of pride in oneself and increase the level of joy from life. It is not surprising that a teenager began to use such medications during a difficult period of period age. Depressive disorders often appear for the first time in teenagers.

The power of sides

Reading the Russian translation of the text, we see that the songwriter describes his surprise that the pills do not help. It only gets worse. The author expected the departure of disturbing thoughts, but they only grow.

Medical science says this is normal. Only newcomers to antidepressants are amazed at the strength of the side effects of the first period. Two weeks, or even longer, from the day of the first pill, the patient’s condition worsens naturally. This time is the most dangerous in terms of suicide – the serotonin pit is so deep. Out of this state, Side Effects was born.

What to do

We advise authors, translators, and listeners of Koreans to be patient and wait at least a couple of months. As a rule, this period is minimal in order to assess the benefits or harms of specific pills. If the described side effects do not disappear, the psychiatrist will replace one remedy with another. To find “your” antidepressant, sometimes it takes more than one year.

However, a lot depends on the strength of the side effects. If everything is really so bad that your head breaks into a scream, then it makes sense to tell your psychiatrist about it right away. The replacement of the drug is often made before the two-month period.

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