Meaning of Papaoutai by Stromae

Stromae is a Belgian musician who became known to a wide range of listeners in the 2000s. His first track, which brought him really huge popularity, was the song “Alors on dance”. From the very first days of its existence, it scattered throughout all European countries and revealed a new artist to the world. This was followed by several more hits that topped the music charts and charts. Now Stromae is popular all over the world along with the most famous performers.

One of his hit songs earned recognition for its theme. The song “Papaoutai” touches on one of the problems of modern society – the presence of a father in a child’s life. The performer thinks about where his father is – he died in 1994 during the genocide, so the boy grew up only with his mother. He cannot understand why such tests fell on his fate.

He also thinks about another important detail – how to become such a father who can teach his son or daughter to be a real person. It is not easy, but, unfortunately, no one teaches this. Men need to learn to raise their children on their own and find a common language with them.

All people know where babies come from and what way they go before they are born. But no one knows where fathers are born, how they become caring dads, ready to give a lot to their child? It is very difficult to accept the fact that you are a dad and you are responsible for another, albeit small, life. Not every man will immediately understand the intricacies of raising and communicating with children.

In addition, in almost all cases, the problems with providing for the family and earning money fall on the shoulders of the husband, when the wife at that time creates a reliable rear – she runs the household and raises children. Not always a man physically has the opportunity and time to fully spend the day with his family. Because of this, families often break up and only mothers raise children. Children, growing up, are increasingly asking questions about where their dad is, why he left them.

A child should grow up in a full-fledged healthy family, where there is a father and mother, who are ready to show by their own example what love, support, mutual understanding and acceptance of a loved one in any state are. If a daughter grows up in a family, she must, in the image of her father, form the concept of a life partner, what he should be and what qualities he should have. Of course, we are talking about a healthy relationship without quarrels and misunderstandings.

If a boy grows up in a family, the father has a great responsibility: the boy will take an example from him and sort out some character traits, building on this the foundation of his future life.

The singer asks himself the question of what should be a real father and what should he mean and do for his child? Nobody knows this, there are no rules and standards on how a real father should behave, but one thing is clear for sure: he should try to give the little man as much love and care as possible so that he does not feel deprived. Much depends on the parents: how they affect the life of the baby from the first days of his life, so it will be. In the life of a child, parents play a much greater role than it seems at first glance.

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