Meaning of Oh Ana by Mother Mother

Initially, the founder of the Mother Mother group could not even think that his compositions would be very popular. But live performance, sincerity and respect for their fans did their job. Many of the band’s songs become hits that are sung by thousands of fans around the world. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning is in one of the compositions of the group “Mother Mother” – “Oh Ana”.

In the first part of the song, the hero makes an unexpected statement: “I will become God.” This means that he is completely confident in himself and his abilities. The character believes that all roads are open before him, the whole world lies at his feet. There is nothing to be afraid of, no obstacles and problems can prevent him from implementing his plan. The hero knows exactly when it will happen. Today. He has no more time to wait. The character has been walking towards his dream for too long. However, he also has ulterior motives. The hero assumes that he will be entitled to more in his new status than an ordinary person. An inner voice says that this is wrong, unnatural. “Thinking of yourself as God is so bad.” But the character sees no other way out. He has a purpose. He does it all for one person. “For Ana’s sake, Ana, hear me!” He tries in every way to get attention.

In the second part of the composition, the hero realizes that he still cannot become God. Then he changes his plans a little. “I pretend to be God.” This option seems more real to the character. Everything must be done quickly. Today. No more time to think. But the hero does not realize that a person can do anything, you just have to want and go confidently towards your dream. The character chose the easier path. He needs everything at once. Perhaps previous attempts did not bring the desired result. Then he decided on a desperate act. However, his inner voice again informs him: “Pretending to be God is so bad.” But will these words stop the character this time. No. The hero turns again: “For the sake of Ana, Ana, hear me!” With such a phrase, he seems to justify himself to others. He is sure that he acts solely for a good purpose.

In the next part of the song, the character tells in more detail who this girl is. “Oh Ana, I’ll still be with you.” But why are young people not together now? What happened? The hero does not give a clear answer to these questions. For him, Ana is an angel. She is pure and gentle. She is not like everyone else. The character is tired of the injustice that reigns in the world. He wants to be close to the one with whom it is warm and comfortable. He does not need wealth, power, fame. He needs the one who stole his heart. “I’ll jump on a cloud and watch the world rot.” The values ​​of the hero do not coincide with those accepted by society. The character understands that the world is gradually changing not for the better. He does not want to become a participant in this process. The character decided to look at these events from the outside.

The hero does not intend to prove anything to anyone, because everyone has their own truth. For himself, he made a decision – to be with the one who supports him, which has become an ideal for him. The message of the emotional song “Oh Ana” lies in a simple truth. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around. It is important what happens in your heart, what principles and values ​​you are guided by. Among the several billion people living on the planet, the hero chose the one that he was not afraid to open up. In any difficult situation, the one who has a reliable rear, a shoulder to lean on, wins.

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