Meaning of Ocean by Elsa & Emilie

For many people, the sea or ocean surface is associated with freedom and harmony, the absence of problems and absolute tranquility. For artist elsa emilie, her song evokes similar feelings: she says that you can only find peace near the sea. She loved to come to the coast and enjoy the beautiful views, at any convenient moment she tries to go to the sea to find peace and tranquility there.

At the same moment, she says that she does not understand where her relationship is heading, which she is trying to build with her boyfriend. As a result, she, as always, goes to the sea to tell him about her thoughts and feelings.

What is the meaning of this song? It is about the fact that a person needs to have a place where you can feel calm and heard. In such a place (in this case, it is the sea coast and the sea surface) it is very easy to leave your grievances and understand that all life’s problems are not as critical as they might seem. Or it can be a person who is able to replace the sea. With such a person it is extremely easy and pleasant to spend free time, share problems, talk about what worries or brings inconvenience in everyday life.

There is even a saying – “Man is like the sea.” This statement means such a deep understanding and empathy for others that you can easily drown in it and not be able to live normally without communicating with it. Another deep meaning of this song is that each of us can be a deep sea for ourselves, we just have to try to find this depth inside ourselves. Each of us is very strong, courageous and internally beautiful, but many life circumstances and the onslaught of society do not allow us to fully open up and show what we really have inside.

The song says that we must not forget about our value and the value of those people whom the Universe has given us. People who are able to calm any historians and the rejection of ourselves that comes from us are very valuable, there are too few of them to be able to scatter. Additionally, it is worth thinking about why we seek solace in someone if some kind of trouble has happened in our life. It is more important to try to find comfort and strength in yourself to continue to live on.

We must be valuable and important to ourselves, not underestimating our value and not talking about the fact that we have achieved nothing in this life. To be able to find solace and strength for later life in oneself is much more important than trying to find the meaning of life in some unimportant trifles. Many seek solace in alcohol or other bad habits, and you try to become a miracle for yourself, which is able to give peace and tranquility not only to yourself, but also to those around you.

The song teaches a person not to waste time regretting what they have done and try to find happiness in anything. Life is one, and it costs too much to waste it on suffering and solving problems that simply do not depend on us. The lyrical composition is worth paying attention to – most likely, there will be a listener to whom it will help heal spiritual wounds and get up from the knees on which life sometimes puts us.

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