Meaning of O Children by Nick Cave

Everyone has heard about this song, because it sounds in one of the scenes of the famous Harry Potter movie. In this scene, Harry and Hermione are dancing to the accompaniment of this song. Film director David Yates listened to a huge number of songs, and could not find one that could really fully reflect the strength of friendship and understanding between the guys. There is no such scene in the book, but for the film it was simply necessary.

What is this song about? The lyrical hero shows the realities of life in which people have to live. He apologizes on behalf of all those who live now and have lived in the past for what future generations will have to endure. Noting the cycle of generations in the composition, we can say that this song could be eternal if it was included in the list of songs that have become classics.

People come into this world and die, leaving behind some unfinished business, thoughtless actions, words spoken in rage, bad thoughts about someone or something. All this forms the living conditions for those who will replace us on this earth in the future. Therefore, the lyrical hero calls to think about what we can give to our descendants and change for the better.

In the song, everything is described in general terms, but it makes no sense to talk about something specific: the author touches on all the problems that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren as a legacy. Starting with failures in the mentality of a single society and ending with an environmental disaster for the entire planet. Now it seems to many that we can do nothing to improve the world and make it a little kinder. This is not true. You can do a lot, but it is important to want to do it. To improve the state of the environment, each of them can throw an empty bottle into the urn, and not into the river. Or, instead of swearing at a person who stepped on his foot in a trolley bus, smile and wish you a good day. Kindness begins with each of us, this should be remembered.

Another global problem that pulls everyone to the bottom is indifference. To yourself, your health, others, nature. No one thinks about the fact that indifference to one’s health reflects badly on children, problems with those around them also destroy relationships and lead to quarrels and insults. You can’t say: “Nothing depends on me.” It depends, and a lot. The author apologizes to the future generation, but does not advise anything to those people who live here now. To be wiser, calmer, simpler, kinder – this is so lacking for a huge number of people, and someone is needed who will point out this, tell you what and how to do.

The meaning of the song is quite simple and eternal: to think and take care not only about yourself, but also about those who will come to this earth later. In doing so, we set an example of how to live. Our children will take an example from us, and their children – from them. You need very little – to start being a person, and not just being called that. Then everything will go smoothly and a lot will change in our lives. We are the creators of our lives, and it depends only on us how we will live and what kind of life we ​​will offer our children. You should listen to the words in this song and take them into your arsenal, so as not to die in injustice and indifference.

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