Meaning of No Time To Die by Billie Eilish

Billy Eilish, despite her young age, conquered millions of fans around the world with her work. Heartfelt lyrics, melodic sound and sincere performance are immediately remembered by the listeners. The song “No time to die” was no exception. This composition became the title theme of the James Bond film No Time to Die. After analyzing the lines of the song, we will understand what true meaning Billy Eilish put into her track.

In the first verse, the performer hints that she was treated vilely, wrongly. “I should have guessed”. So, not everything was smooth and good in the relationship. Hints, incomprehensible conversations, tricks were still present. “I would go alone.” The girl declares her pride. She does not intend to be a “fallback”. With this phrase, the lyrical heroine claims that she is not ready to humiliate herself even for the sake of a relationship. This verse is about how the girl struggles to get to the bottom of the truth. She doesn’t understand why things happened the way they did. The heroine had a young man, they were a couple. However, something went wrong. But how long has a man been deceiving his chosen one?

Why didn’t he immediately confess to her that his feelings had cooled? Why were the people around silent? The girl seemed to be trapped, where everyone is against her. Many simply watched with curiosity the drama unfolding before their eyes. Did someone lend a helping hand to the heroine? For now, this is a big question. How did the young man explain his act? Is he remorseful or does he think he did the right thing? The meaning of the first verse of the song “No time to die” is to show how much the girl was hurt by the act of her young man. When people disperse, one is bound to suffer more than the other. However, a breakup is not the end of the world.

In the chorus, the girl literally screams to her young man that she can handle it no matter what. “That I bought a lie.” The girl herself does not understand how this could happen. She completely trusted her chosen one, not suspecting a dirty trick. She faithfully and sincerely believed in their couple, counted on a long strong relationship. Now the girl bitterly realized that her man had never supported her. Maybe he just didn’t want a relationship. A sad conclusion for a young heroine. However, she does not despair. She declares to everyone around: “Now is just not the time to die.” It does not matter to her how the future life of her former young man will turn out. The main thing is that she is sure that everything will be fine with her. This is not the end of her life, but the beginning of a new happy streak.

In the second verse, the girl claims that when parting, it is necessary to burn all bridges. If a person once betrayed you, never give him a second chance. He just didn’t deserve it. Better direct your energy towards improving the quality of your life. “You are no longer my concern.” The heroine is no longer interested in his problems and difficulties. She easily relieved herself of the burden of responsibility for his life. Why run after a person to whom you have become indifferent. There are many other young people in the world who deserve your attention and care. Of course, the girl was upset because of the troubles that fell on her in the form of parting. However, she does not make herself a victim.

The heroine firmly decided for herself that this was just a life experience that would definitely come in handy for her. “I have yet to learn a lesson from that.” The girl understands that in order to prevent mistakes in later life, she definitely needs to carefully analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions. The meaning of the second verse of the song “No time to die” is to teach girls to get out of relationships that have outlived their usefulness with dignity. Do not suffer, again and again blaming yourself for the breakup. Both are always to blame. If a person wants to leave you, never hold him. After all, you will not achieve anything by your actions. The best is yet to come, don’t forget.

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