Meaning of My Blood by Twenty One Pilots

Meaning of the song My Blood — Twenty one pilots

Twenty One Pilots is a band that has already become legendary. Year after year, they do not lose popularity, but only gain it more and more. Most recently, the group released their fifth album called Trench, which can be translated from English as “trench”, “pit”. The song “My Blood” is the fourth track from this album. The history of the song is interesting because it appeared on the net a little earlier than the whole album. The culprit of such a leak is a malfunction in the HomePod program produced by Apple. Such situations are not uncommon in today’s world. But there is still something interesting in the story. Some fans of the band have suggested that the track was leaked on purpose, and Tyler and Josh themselves are responsible for this.

Many fans and people who are just getting acquainted with the work of this group may have a question, what is the song “My Blood” about? Let’s try to figure it out.

The verses of the song are filled with lyrical content: the hero of the composition turns to his friend, promises not to leave him at a difficult moment. We see the message of fidelity to friendship from the first lines of the song, they sing about betrayal, among which only a small island remains – the friendship of the main characters. Throughout the referent, “I will go with you” is repeated, we see the readiness of the lyrical hero to follow a friend anywhere.

In the second verse, the lyrical hero again describes his devotion: “Surrounded on all sides, pressed against the wall, I will tear them all apart and follow you.” These lines symbolize readiness for anything, fearlessness in the face of danger. After all, even the strongest enemy weakens in the face of sincere and pure friendship.

During the chorus, only one phrase is repeated, in translation it sounds like this: “Stay with me, no, you do not need to run away. Stay with me, my blood, you don’t have to run.” The lyrical hero acts as a protector, a shoulder that you can always lean on. The lines sing about blood, and this is a metaphorical comparison with someone close: a close, almost dear friend, or with a blood family.

In the third verse of the composition “My Blood”, the emotionality and intensity of the track reaches its highest intensity. We are told of merciless men seeking reprisals: we are told of a mob “demanding its head” and “shouting out a name.” The lyrical hero does not retreat even being under fear of death. His value is friendship, and it is more important than life. He is ready to fight side by side with “his blood” to the very end.

In the fourth verse, the listener will find an unexpected reference to the Holy Scriptures. These lines sing about a man who got into the lair of angry animals. This person is a friend of the lyrical hero in need of salvation. The lion’s den, perhaps, refers us to the legend of the biblical prophet Daniel thrown to the lions. He was saved thanks to a miracle – the appearance of an angel, which in the context of the song hints at the miraculousness of friendship, its inestimable value for the life of each of the people.

There are several fan theories as to what the meaning of “My Blood” is and who it might be dedicated to. According to the first theory, this song is nothing more than a message from the band to their fans. This is the most logical assumption due to the fact that the “pilots” have a special, touching relationship with the audience, which, to some extent, can be called kindred, naturally spiritually. The following assumption is also worthy of attention, it is distinguished by its romantic orientation. Some of the fans believe that this song is dedicated by Tyler to his love – Jenna Black. The last of the theories is a little strange, because according to it, Tyler is not metaphorically, but rather directly refers to his own blood.



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