Meaning of Mutter by Rammstein

The composition of the Rammstein group – Mutter, although it was released back in 2002, still causes controversy about the meaning. What is the song about? Let’s try to find the truth.

It should be said right away that when searching for the meaning of the Mutter song, you should not rely on rumors, assumptions, and even on the comments of the authors. In an interview, the musicians are reluctant to answer a question that interests us or laugh it off (for example, Richard Kruspe, who in an interview with the radio “Ultra” connected the title of the song with the title of the novel “Mother” by Maxim Gorky – they say that at school everyone was forced to read it). Therefore, we analyze the text on our own.

First couplet:

Old children are crying.

I put her down on her blond hair

I throw up a rotten chain.

I would love to have my mom by my side!

The sun has completely disappeared.

I didn’t get any milk from my breasts.

Tubes sticking out of me

I look at my belly, which has no navel.


Obviously, we are talking about a child created artificially: this creature dreams of a mother, wants to be with her, because without her even sunlight is insignificant … But there is a tube in his throat, he does not have a navel – that is, there is no connection with his mother. He is alone, absolutely alone. The absence of a Higher Power in life to rely on is grief for an infant. How will the hero proceed? Let’s watch the second verse.

Second couplet:

I didn’t have the opportunity to breastfeed

I couldn’t hide in my mother’s arms

They didn’t call me, they didn’t give me a name

I was conceived incorrectly, hastily and unnaturally.

To a mother who doesn’t know me

I swear—

You will suffer

And then you settle down at the bottom of the river.

The newborn realizes that he has been deprived of those things that everyone who is born of a mother has. Anger and hatred for a non-existent mother boils inside him, the child wants to kill, swears to do terrible things in the name of his “revenge”. And finally, in the refrain, we see the climax:

Her lungs are the abode of an eel

I see a stain on my forehead

Kiss me, knife, take this muck away

Let me die – just do it (2x)

The child is determined to correct the injustice of this world and, if necessary, to sacrifice himself for this. “Mother! Help me!” exclaims the protagonist at the very end. Despite its denial of any feelings other than hatred and anger, the creature cannot live without a mother, cannot live without protection, love and warmth.

So what is the meaning of the Mutter song?

Many assumed that the authors reflected their personal childhood experiences in the composition, but the musicians deny this version – the meaning of the song is not in a bad relationship with the mother and not in her absence.

The song has an obvious parallel with Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” – a creature created artificially, left by its creator and not having a mother. Both in the novel and in the song, the protagonist begins to search for and pursue his creator. Most likely, Til Lindemann and Richard Kruspe, when writing the lyrics of the song, were guided precisely by the work of Mary Shelley. In addition, the meaning of the song also concerns the global problems of our time – for example, resistance to nature, artificial life, the creation of children “in vitro” and human cloning.

Finally, Paul Landers said in an interview: “I won’t say anything about Mutter – this song can be interpreted in many ways. I’m interested in any new version.” So don’t dwell on the meaning of the song that we found – it is quite possible that your version will turn out to be much more original!

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