Ad Astra Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Meaning of movie Ad Astra (2019). The action of the exciting film Ad Astra takes place in the near future. The main role in the film is played by Brad Pitt, and this is already a sign of quality. However, the storyline of the film cannot be called simple and understandable. This film is multi-layered, with a deep meaning. What is the film Ad Astra about? What is the true meaning of the director in his work?

What is “Ad Astra” about?

The protagonist – astronaut Roy McBride – is a valuable employee of NASA. Major is confident and calm. His distinctive ability is complete control over all his emotions and desires. A first-class astronaut’s heart rate never rises above 80 beats per minute.

The earth is under threat. In addition, other planets in the solar system were also in danger. Unusual high-energy bursts were suddenly detected. Scientists have suggested that these are traces of antimatter, which received the conditional name “Impulse”.

Emissions cause irreparable damage not only to the planet. They destroy the antenna, which is designed to search for other worlds, located both on the surface of the Earth and in the upper atmosphere. This circumstance nearly cost the life of the astronaut. NASA officials are confident that the mysterious activity is closely linked to Roy McBride’s father, Clifford. The parent of an astronaut 16 years ago was a member of a research mission that was sent to the edge of our galaxy. Roy’s father has been missing ever since. But Clifford did not die on the expedition. His research project “Lima” was under the sign of extreme secrecy. After an alarm signal was sent from his ship, the earthlings recorded impulse emissions.

But where does this strange antimatter activity come from? To deal with this issue, astronaut Roy McBride is forced to fly first to the moon, and then to Mars. Colonel Pruitt was appointed as his partner. Together they will have to unearth the mystery of natural disasters. On the way to the intended goal, the hero’s detachment was attacked by unknown people.

Will the hero be able to successfully complete the operation and eliminate the source of strange outbreaks?

Meaning of the film Ad Astra

The hero set himself an incredible sky-high goal. Save humanity. But what prompted him to make such a difficult choice? Roy McBride wants to abstract from reality. He dreams of seeing other worlds and perhaps finding life somewhere. The director pays great attention to the psychological portrait of the hero. His feelings, aspirations, emotions. Roy is trying to break out of mediocrity and routine. He wants to live a full life, and not drag out a meaningless existence.

The astronaut feels alone. He is isolated from society. He is attracted by the unknown expanses of the Universe. Yes, the hero is an excellent employee, he is in good standing with the leadership of NASA. But is he satisfied with this situation, if there is a complete emptiness in his soul. The hero cannot trust anyone around. Misunderstanding of others, distrust of them force Roy to look for the meaning of life in other worlds.

The ability of the hero to keep emotions under control is not accidental. He is “blocked” not only from society, but also from the closest and dearest people. The wife could not stand the coldness of her husband. At work, Roy communicates exclusively in a businesslike manner with colleagues. No heart-to-heart talk, secrets and personal secrets. Roy, like his father Clifford, is trying to escape from reality.

Only the goals of the two native people are different. Father believes that human abilities are severely limited. Clifford, on the other hand, wants to touch the transcendental mind. Everyday problems, conflicts in the family are not for him. He is not ready to pay attention to minor troubles. He is not interested in mundane ideals. Clifford dreams of leaving his dreary swamp and step into another reality.

Roy McBride has a different goal. His cherished desire is to find the meaning of existence. What does he live for? What is his calling? Internal conflicts and contradictions haunt the hero. To provide answers to questions that have accumulated in abundance, Roy goes in search of his father. Clifford is the man who will show him the right path.

Total alienation of the hero. Unwillingness to put up with human vices and weaknesses. Who is he really? The hero tries to solve the mystery of his family. Roy is well aware of the feeling of hopelessness, lack of love, frightening helplessness. After going through many trials, the hero put on a mask of indifference and coldness. Roy surrounded himself with a wall, masterfully learned to control emotions to drown out the pain.

The meaning of the final film Ad Astra

The main character talks about his life. Mission completed successfully. But is the hero happy? Footage from the hospital where the astronaut is being treated replaces one another. Fulfilling the orders of NASA, Roy completely forgot about his personal life. He understands that the relationship with his wife cracked. How long has he been interested in his wife’s health, her goals and interests?

Roy decided to reconsider his views, life priorities. First of all, he intends to restore a tender and reverent relationship with his wife Yves. To do this, he invited her to a cafe. Now for the hero, work is not in the first place. He realized that family and sincere feelings between spouses are much more important.

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