Meaning of lovely by Billie Eilish & Khalid

Young performer Billie Eilish suddenly gained immense popularity. Her sincere soulful compositions occupy the top lines of the charts in several countries. And the girl is not going to stop there. She again and again pleases her fans with musical works. The song “Lovely” is the track about which they say: “Goosebumps.” Let’s analyze the text of the composition to understand its true meaning.

In the first verse, the heroine talks about her decisions. It seemed to her that everything in life was easy and simple. She had a goal to which she aspired. But one day everything changed. There was an obstacle in her life path. Just what is it? Why did the girl doubt the correctness of her decisions? The heroine of the street at the crossroads. She would like to run away, hide, but something constantly stops her. The problems turned out to be more serious than she thought. Perhaps the girl “burned herself” in a love relationship. She wants to “throw” her chosen one out of her head, but she does not succeed. He does not give up, he is set for a serious relationship. Doubts and fears took over the mind of the heroine. She decided to take time out to weigh the pros and cons.

In the next part of the composition, the girl is sure that her anxieties are temporary. But now she has lost her inner harmony. Love relationships were “sick.” She no longer wants and cannot remember them. The girl wants to put an end to it, but something is holding her back from this step. She stops, she tries to pull herself together for the last push. Time doesn’t matter to her. Now she does not live, but simply exists. She needs to get out of this state as soon as possible. Then the heroine will make every effort to feel happy again. Her main task is to throw off the shackles of unsuccessful relationships and breathe deeply again. She is out of breath. The girl needs to slow down her life run in order to regain her strength.

In the chorus, the heroine talks about her loneliness. However, she does not feel uncomfortable about this. The girl is satisfied with her position, everything suits her. Isn’t it wonderful? A person does not necessarily need another person to be happy. Happiness is already inside you. This must never be forgotten. Our inner peace depends on us. A person cannot be taken out of mental balance if he is in harmony with himself. But after the end of the relationship, the girl needs time to recover. In the soul of the heroine is emptiness. She completely surrendered to tender and quivering feelings. However, the paths of the lovers parted. The girl is trying to heal mental wounds. In the chorus, the heroine assures that this is her usual state. Experiences, stress, anxiety became her faithful companions. Her new position both attracts her and frightens her at the same time.

In the second verse, the heroine announces that she is in search. Obsessive thoughts do not let her in. They crush, burn, hurt, but do not let go until the end. The girl wants to part with them, but she does not succeed. The meaning of the composition “Lovely” by Billie Eilish is to show what suffering the heroine condemns herself to after a failed relationship. Love is a strong deep feeling that can not only make a person happy, but also destroy him. Our memory is able to store memories that we dream of forgetting for a long time. Dealing with your feelings and emotions can sometimes be very difficult. Then it’s time for help. Over time, a person regains the ability to enjoy a new day.

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