Meaning of Life Goes On by BTS

Life Goes On by BTS. The title of the song is promising. It’s like a call to listeners that the best is yet to come. never give up. You can’t let problems and difficulties break you. Everyone has a black streak sometimes. There doesn’t seem to be any light at all. The composition “Life goes on” reminds the listeners that everyone has their own trials. It is important to remember that this will not always be the case.

In the chorus, the lyrical hero talks about sad events from his life. He had to understand early on that in our world there is death, pain, irreparable loss. He saw with his own eyes people who “fell victims in the streets.” The character could not remain indifferent to this. It hurts him to realize that the world is filled not only with joy and happiness. Previously, the lyrical hero led a carefree lifestyle. But now everything has changed. He increasingly began to think about the meaning of existence. He began to attend gloomy thoughts about death. The character understands that all people are not eternal. But he still does not want to realize it, take it to heart. No matter what, life goes on.

In the first part of the composition, the character shares his thoughts and feelings with the audience. He grew up surrounded by friends. No major upheavals or problems. But suddenly one of his comrades left. And then another friend. They have gone to a place from which they will not return. The lyrical hero refuses to believe it. But the reality was harsh. The character independently wants to cheer up, console himself. He convinces himself that he needs to move on.

The hero told others about the life of his friends. “Lived like a cool man.” None of his friends were going to die. But fate decreed otherwise. The character addresses everyone: “No one should cry.” However, he tries more to convince himself of this. The hero was suddenly flooded with memories. In his youth, he led a wild life. He had many friends. They were united by similar views on life. They wanted to live at full speed, without thinking about tomorrow. Freedom was everything to them. But the friend is gone. Irrevocably. It is morally difficult for the character to survive this loss. The only thing he has left of their friendship is memories. But they do not warm his soul. The lyrical hero repeats the words again and again: “Life goes on.” He tries to convince himself of this, but so far he has not been successful.

The character withdrew into himself, he tries to abstract from the situation. But sad thoughts haunt him. The hero is trying to find the strength in himself to live on, but the black streak has dragged on. Is there a way out? The meaning of the song “Life goes on” is that you should never put an end to your future life. Even if you’ve been through a lot of trials. It is important to try to make your existence meaningful. Life is not unbridled fun, but also a collection of some problems. This is an interesting journey during which you can get to know yourself.

In the next part of the song, the hero says that everyone has flaws. But don’t focus solely on your weaknesses. It is necessary to try to find in yourself strong character traits and make them your advantage. The main idea of ​​the track is that each person should have their own goal. And do not forget that our existence is limited. No one knows how long his life will last. But it depends on us what it will be. It is in our hands to make existence bright, filled with joyful events, happy moments. It is important to try to be surrounded by sincere and reliable people.

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