Meaning of Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

On April 4, 2019, Korean group BLACKPINK released their new song “Kill This Love”. This composition immediately entered many charts and lists of the most popular, best and listened to songs, the same thing happened with the video released for “Kill This Love”, which was released simultaneously with the track.

Young girls from Korea, who make up the group BLACKPINK, admitted in an interview that they did not expect such popularity from the composition at all, they simply wrote about what worries them and concerns every girl in the modern world. They commented on the main message of the song as a call to leave the so-called “toxic relationships”, that is, those where one person clearly does not appreciate the second, dominates him, takes advantage of him, does not always show his feelings well, and sometimes even uses physical violence.

Let’s analyze each verse and chorus in more detail.

The girls perform the song in turn, each of them has one semantic part. Begins Jenny’s first verse. In this part, we are talking about the stupidity that girls often do in a relationship. They allow themselves to surrender too much to feelings, to plunge into “crazy pleasures”, not always noticing the negative factors that may be present simultaneously with such a hurricane of passions. It’s easy to become a slave to your emotions in a relationship.

The second verse is performed by Lisa. The line of the first part continues, strong feelings are like a hurricane that blows everything in its path. Sometimes the participants in the relationship are so passionate about the desire to be there that they literally open all the doors from their feet. And love is compared to paradise, but not everyone can get into it, because paradise is a place of balance with oneself and others, but if we are talking about “toxic relationships”, then it is impossible to achieve balance without changing the paradigm of communication with each other.

Jisoo and Rosé then perform what is known as a chant followed by a chorus. In the chant, the girls turn to a specific guy, in whose face all the young people of the modern generation are clearly represented. This is a dispute with him, but, first of all, with herself. They accuse him of insensitivity or inability to honestly show emotions. But no matter how strong the hurricane of love is, one must be able to put an end to such relationships and leave in time.

There is only one phrase in the chorus: “Let’s kill this love!”, Literally copying the title of the composition. This is a short call to learn not to be in a relationship that hurts and makes you uncomfortable.

In the fourth verse, Jennie and Lisa sing together. It’s about how love drives you crazy, the girl in them becomes crazy, but she is so dependent on the young man’s approval, on the desire to be around and just likes him that, even realizing changes in herself of such a plan, she cannot give up the idea of ​​being next to him. However, in this part, in addition to condemning itself and its weakness, there are notes of anger towards the partner who created such an unhealthy atmosphere within these relationships.

Another chant performed by Rosé and Jisoo. These are already obvious words with the awareness of her weakness, which allowed everything to turn at such an angle, and the need to end the “toxic relationship” herself. Let there be pity from the gap, but freedom without pressure from a loved one is much more important and valuable than crazy passion.

Then the chorus repeats

The second chorus is followed by a four-line transition from Rosé, in which she sings about love that makes you shed tears and kills from the inside.

Finally, the girls sing the final verse together. The song ends with a repetition of lines from the chorus – a call to end love, which can kill if this process is not stopped in time. Either you kill love or it kills you.

The performers themselves consider their song to be very inspiring, as it contains a very important idea for the present – no one should tolerate rudeness from another person.

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