Meaning of INDUSTRY BABY by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

Relatively recently, the world famous artists Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow released a joint track called “Industry baby”. In it, they tried to show all the nuances and complexities of conducting public activities, as well as to reflect some aspects of show business. The song became so popular that it immediately conquered Tik-tok, Instagram. Frames from the clip began to be actively used in memes. In general, the track sounds everywhere. But hardly a few understand the meaning of this song. We decided to fix it, so we analyzed it for you. Happy learning!

The meaning of the title of the song “Industry baby”

The title of the song speaks directly to its overall message. The loose translation of the title is “It’s an industry, baby.” That is, everything that will be said in the track will relate directly to the industry. The performers will show what happens behind the scenes, how deals are made, conditions are negotiated. In general, everything that we guessed about, but could not verify on our own experience. Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow are happy to share the dark side of the music business with us. Surely they really have something to say.

Most likely, we should expect some rather unexpected details. Not just Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow decided to release a similar track right now. Lately, they’ve been experiencing a certain kind of problem. What are the “hellish” sneakers of Lil Us X and conflicts with Nike. Most likely, the track “Industry baby” will reveal many aspects of such conflicts between performers. But let’s not guess – let’s start analyzing the track.

Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow – Industry Baby Meaning

The introduction immediately shows the status of the performer. He bluntly states that he already has many awards, and even more ahead.

The chant demonstrates the character of Lil Nas X. He states that, although he has achieved great heights, he has not changed a bit. He’s still the same simple guy he was before. He does not have any star illness, which, in fact, is a rarity. We all watched as the stars, gaining fame and fame, lost their “I”.

The chorus is addressed to someone unknown. However, we understand that the performer has old scores with him. He tells him to remove his “soldiers”. Perhaps a hunt has been announced for the performer or he is being blackmailed.

The first verse is performed by Lil Nas X. He tries to show himself as a really popular performer, which, in fact, he is. He associates himself with other famous performers. We also see that quality comes first for the performer. He does not release bad tracks just for money, music for him is life. Only now he often finds himself in the courts.

The second verse demonstrates the complex path of becoming a performer. By the way, Jack Harlow reads it. It shows how specific this path can be. Running, noise, stress, fans – all this greatly exhausts him.

Interestingly, the second performer turns to someone who is trying to control them. Perhaps we are talking about some kind of producer trying to gain control over the performers and their creativity. It turns out that this is an open confrontation. Bold, no doubt about it.

The ending of the song reads: “I am the industry.” Thus, the performers show their leading direction. They are at the helm, but do not go with the flow.

The performers tried to answer everything that annoyed them lately. How much hatred, envy and bile they felt on themselves! Plus, they put all the haters in their place. We can assume that this track is a real anthem of the modern music industry, where they are trying to break you with all their might. But it is important to be able to take a hit, otherwise you simply cannot achieve great heights. Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow have shown perfectly that they are ready to handle any blow.

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