Meaning of Ich Will by Rammstein & Video

The clip of the cult German band Rammstein “Ich will” immediately after the song itself, in which the listener is asked a rhetorical question: “How much is my word heard by a well-fed society? ”, gives an answer to the question: “Expensive: outrageous, tragedy, gloomy news bulletins written thanks to you.” The main meaning of the clip lies in the thought of the action, its power and role in society. In order for a person to be heard, he must attract the attention of listeners, keep him, make him believe and listen to himself.

The clip begins with footage of the band members in prison uniforms entering the square to the greeting of an enthusiastic crowd. Having passed along the carpet path to the stairs of the state institution, they raise above their heads the award received from the society: this is a golden video camera. Behind rises a portrait of a deceased comrade who sacrificed himself for the sake of what is happening.

The main action took place before that, at the moment when a group of robbers broke into the bank. The first thought that arises in my head paints a picture of an ordinary robbery. But the invaders have completely different intentions. They are not interested in money, rather, they themselves are ready to pay to be heard: each of those who enter has some kind of defect that makes them a minority in a society that is indifferent to the problems of those who do not belong to it. The group is prepared for the meeting with the cameras: stylishly dressed, well-groomed, self-confident. A huge bomb is tied to one of the gang members: self-sacrifice is an important part of the action, which will help attract the attention of a bored society.

Robbers do not have to make an effort: bank employees who did not expect such a turn of events (personifying an elite society that manages cash flows, convicted of power, does not see and does not want to hear about other people’s problems) cannot resist, and it will not help much, as evidenced by a deadly touch on one of the workers who tried to call the police: the robber himself covers her hand with his own, pressing the button. This gesture can be viewed from two sides: either a woman understands that the main thing for robbers is not money, but PR, which means that they will all be dead, because this will bring glory to the robbers, albeit black. Or the attention of the public and society has already been captured by the group, which means that everyone else is “dead” for television cameras and journalists, they are only interested in the personalities and words of the criminals.

When the robbers leave the bank one by one, they are greeted by an enthusiastic crowd: they succeeded in their plan. Only the lead singer of the group, Lindemann, remains in the bank, who, surrounded by dead journalists, addresses the public on the air, which may symbolize distrust of journalists who distort information for the sake of ratings.

The police immediately attack the group, but society already sympathizes with them, answering the main questions in chorus: do you hear me? Do you see me? The clip ends with a suicide bombing that did not leave the bank.

What is this clip about? The meaning is simple: people are only interested in themselves, their own success and well-being. Until trouble reaches the top of society, the minority is unlikely to be given the right to vote. This means that the minority must force itself to be seen and heard, even if for this it is necessary to sacrifice the lives and destinies of people.

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