Meaning of I Want to Break Free by Queens

The legendary song I Want to Break Free by the group “Queen” does not lose its relevance today. “I want to break free, I want to be free,” the lyrical hero declares. He no longer intends to tolerate deceit. But how is he going to do it, which path seems more attractive to him. And most importantly, who is he running from? Let’s analyze the composition to understand the main meaning of the track.

“I want to be free,” the character repeats several times. He made a difficult decision for himself. It is often very difficult to completely change your life. But the character sees no other way out for himself. “I want to be free of your lies.” The relationship that has developed between the lyrical hero and his chosen one no longer suits him. “You are so satisfied with yourself.” The girl stopped paying attention to her companion. She put herself first. She is only interested in her hobbies. It is important for a girl to feel good. and the rest doesn’t really matter.

Only with this approach it is impossible to build harmonious relationships. And the lyrical hero quickly understood this, but his chosen one did not yet. He wanted to keep this relationship, but the girl did not understand anything. He found the strength in himself to openly declare to her: “I don’t need you.” Perhaps this information was a real shock for his chosen one, because she was sure that he would always be there. After all, the character so reverently, tenderly and sincerely loved his companion. But everything has a limit.

“God knows how I want to be free.” The lyrical hero, before making a final decision, weighed all the pros and cons. He didn’t want to make a mistake. Only when it became completely unbearable did he put an end to it. The character trusted his doubts and experiences only to God. After all, he knew for sure that only God would not deceive him, but would listen and, perhaps, send some kind of sign.

The character had strong feelings for the girl. “I fell in love for the first time in my life.” He had never loved anyone as much as he loved her. She was everything to him, like a light in a window. And then he realized that this is true happiness. “And I know it’s for real this time.” The lyrical hero wanted to connect his whole future life with the chosen one, only the girl showed by her actions that this should not be done. The character suffered for a long time.

He was ready to put up with her shortcomings. “It’s weird, but it’s true.” The hero could not endure only deceit. It turned out to be beyond his strength. “I can’t get over the way you love me.” He couldn’t understand why the girl allowed herself to act like this. The character was sure that love and vile deeds are incompatible. He left. Not looking back, not hoping for an early reconciliation. Once and forever.

“But life still goes on.” The character forbade himself to suffer for a long time. He was in pain, his soul was torn to pieces, the image of a girl constantly popped up in his head. But he had to pick himself up and move on. “I can’t get used to life without you.” It is impossible to get rid of strong deep feelings by desire alone. It takes a long time for a person to learn to enjoy life again. And the character knows for sure that this period will come soon. He does not even consider other options. “I don’t want to live alone.” The lyrical hero will definitely meet a girl who will again make him believe in love.

The meaning of the romantic composition “I want to break free” is that any relationship should be built on trust and respect for each other. Without these components, a strong union will not work. Partners should support each other, lend a helping hand when it is really needed. Otherwise, such relationships are doomed to failure. If a person treats his partner badly, you need to leave him.

This is a sick love that will not lead to anything good. Strong deep feelings did not allow the lyrical hero to make an informed decision. When life became completely unbearable, he just slammed the door. His former companion can be sure that he will never return again. And no amount of persuasion will help. In the meantime, he only dreams of one thing. “I want to be free.”

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