I Know Who Killed Me Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film I Know Who Killed Me (2007) tells the story of a young woman who is kidnapped by a serial killer. The peculiarity of the film is that Lindsay Lohan played the main role, the plot is based on the fact that the girl managed to escape from the psychopath, but when she woke up in the hospital, she began to convince everyone that she was not Aubrey, not who she was perceived to be. .

Parents believe that the girl is just fantasizing, but at the same time, even if it is her imagination, then strange wounds constantly continue to appear on her body. The film has a very incomprehensible plot, requires special explanation. The girl returns without an arm, without a leg, because it was the maniac who so mocked his victims. Parents, of course, are still glad that the girl is alive, but at the same time she does not recognize anyone. She is sure that she has a different name, that her mother is a drug addict, and until recently she herself worked as a stripper.

Everyone thinks it’s just memory problems from mental shock. However, her boyfriend begins to believe in her words, he begins to understand that Dakota really exists and that his girlfriend is not at all similar in temperament and character to his former girlfriend Aubrey. Especially after having sex, it became clear that the girl was not the same.

Initially, the film is a thriller, that is, there is a psychoanalytic moment, a fictional second self, an abduction by a maniac. Then various mystical moments begin to appear, but in reality everything turns into a melodrama worthy of Indian cinema. The main thing is not who the killer is, but the fact that a twin sister really existed. Aubrey was taken away from her mother, a drug addict, and Dakota was left, and she really grew up with such a mother. But the fact is that a special bond has been preserved between the sisters. When the maniac really begins to cut off his arms and legs, then stigmata appear on Dakota’s body, thanks to a mysterious connection, and the fingers and limbs themselves fall off. This is complete mysticism.

Dakota is found by the road and mistaken for Aubrey, believing that she ran away from her rapist. It turns out that Aubrey never escaped from captivity, but at the same time, thanks to her presentiment, the only connection with her sister, Dakota manages to find Aubrey, buried alive. She was able to get out of the grave, although she also remained crippled. Thus, the sisters begin to look like Siamese twins, they have two arms, two legs, but two heads. They are very happy that they were able to meet each other.

The plot of the film is very cruel, many say that this is real trash. Due to the fact that the heroine had a rather cheeky behavior, her boyfriend still believes her and the search for the real kidnapped victim begins. The film amazes many by the fact that the actions that the psychopath performed are very realistically shown. Many felt that this was even superfluous. Despite the fact that the film can even be attributed to thrillers or mysticism, the director tried to make the end more acceptable, that is, with a hint of a happy ending, because both sisters were reunited. Despite the fact that they were left crippled, they are glad that they found each other. The film is quite heavy, has a mysterious plot.

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