Meaning of Hayloft by Mother Mother

Mother Mother is a musical group from Canada, whose fame became huge in 2005, when the members of the group released their first album “Mother” through their efforts, which was later renamed and re-released in 2007. In 2008, the new album “O My Heart” saw the world, another one became famous in 2011 – “Eureka”. The fourth music album is called The Sticks (September 2010), and the latest album with new hits was “Very Good Bad Thing” (November 2014). The group works in the indie-rock direction, writes new songs, their work has gained a lot of fans. Many of them say that Mother Mother’s music saves from depression and bad mood.

One of the songs of this group is called Hay Loft and, probably, every listener thought about the meaning of the words that the author put into his work. The text repeatedly repeats information about the presence of a gun in the father. Consequently, the girl’s request to the young man is further expressed so that he leaves the hayloft as soon as possible. Probably, the listener guesses roughly what the young guy and girl could do in the hay and why she suddenly warns the guy that it is better for him to leave because her father has a firearm. The girl warns the young man about this because she wants to protect him from her father’s revenge. She finds herself at the epicenter of events, wanting to save her beloved and not get into a quarrel with her father.

The meaning of the song, most likely, is not in the usual story about the pranks of youth. This story is not even about where and in what places passion can take two young people by surprise. Probably, drawing a conclusion from what is described in the text, the author of these lines wanted to show his listener how fleeting youth is. Each of us was young, young, and everyone regrets that youth passed so quickly, giving way to adulthood and responsibilities. Youth is innocent pranks, first love, passion and real feelings, first betrayals and betrayals. This is a promise to myself never to fall in love again and a new love in a week.

The song is written in a playful style, it seems to entice, the melody reminds of that restless time when you wanted to move mountains and turn everything upside down. An interesting story of intimate relationships in the hayloft and an inappropriate, unexpected visit from the girl’s father gives the situation a comedy, but at the same time it is a huge adrenaline rush. This is very unexpected for both, because they were taken by surprise during lovemaking. There is also the problem of the relationship between parents and children. The girls’ parents want to protect their princesses from impudent guys who want to tarnish their honor. Therefore, the girl’s father appears in this story with a gun, climbing into the hayloft to catch the one who dishonored his daughter. The girl herself calls on her beloved boyfriend to run away as soon as possible in order to have time to escape and not fall into the hands of an evil father ready for reprisal.

In general, the song Hay Loft deserves attention, because it does not touch on serious topics, allows the listener to relax, cheers up thanks to the driving melody.

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