Meaning of Hands Up by Merk & Kremont

The song “Hands Up” appeared in April 2018 and was heard on the radio the same year. It was created by the Italian DJ Kremont, he was accompanied by the American group DNCE. The musical composition has earned a lot of positive feedback from listeners and music critics due to its idea and philosophy. The video for the song was filmed in August 2018.

What is the meaning of this song, what was the author trying to say with the words of the song? Let’s try to figure it out.

This is a song about the breakup of a guy and a girl, which has reached such a critical point that he wants to commit suicide. He understands that he could not make her happy, so he decides that he is not worthy to live. He says he’s raising his hands because he can’t live like this anymore. The guy is sure that he ruined the life of his girlfriend and is ready to take on the task of ruining his own.

When a person realizes that he brings only pain and disappointment to his soul mate, humiliates him with his actions (albeit unintentionally), he immediately begins to blame only himself for this. But we need to look deeper into the problem: in such conflicts, both sides are always to blame. Each of the couple puts a part of their soul into these relationships, therefore, is responsible for them.

Love can change a person’s consciousness very much. At first it seems that this is a brutal guy or a very confident girl. But, when you get to know this person better, you understand that a very vulnerable soul is hiding under the shell of a strong person. It requires acceptance, understanding and support. People are constantly looking for someone who can accept them for who they really are. But when you expose your soul, and then you are faced with betrayal or cooling of feelings, you no longer want to tell someone about the most intimate.

Such is human psychology: we love and appreciate if they reveal their secrets to us, but we do not know how to appreciate this frankness. Very often, a person’s feelings are not properly appreciated, because of which a lot of human hearts are broken. This is not possible – it is important to appreciate human feelings and try to keep them intact. Moreover, you should not look for a way out of the situation by deciding to commit suicide – this will not make anyone happy, but will bring a lot of tears and disappointment. Beloved people should not suffer from the behavior of their loved ones, because love should bring only positive emotions and the desire to turn the whole world upside down for the sake of a loved one.

The song deserves special attention of the listeners, because it contains a lot of information about the feelings and peculiarities of human perception. After analyzing the lyrics of the song, we can conclude that this is a very deep song. It is about the feelings, problems, experiences of a person who understands that a completely innocent person suffers because of his behavior. Nevertheless, the lyrical hero finds the strength to find a way out of this difficult situation, although he is not entirely correct. There is hope that after thinking about his behavior, the lyrical hero will once again think about how to get out of this situation so as not to harm either himself or his loved one.

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