Meaning of Film Out by BTS

Literally, the name of the composition “Film out” by the musical group BTS is translated as “Out of Frame”. The lyrical hero clearly wants to remain in the shadows. Who is he hiding from? Let’s try to figure out what feelings and emotions the performers endowed their song with.

“You, you are in my imagination.” This is how the first verse begins. The image of the girl does not get out of the head of the character. He constantly thinks about her, remembers her look, smile, gestures. “So vibrant and bright.” The lyrical hero has exceptionally pleasant memories associated with this girl. Her image attracts him, does not allow him to calmly exist and sleep. “It’s like you’re right here.” The character imagines that the girl is standing next to him. He is not ready to let her go even for a moment. The hero feels her presence. This is exactly what makes him wake up in the morning, plan his every day. Only suddenly his happy world collapses. “But I extend my hand.” The young man realizes with bitterness that he cannot touch his beloved. It exists only in his memories. Maybe, this girl lives only in his imagination? Why can’t characters be together in real life? What are the barriers between them? The first verse left behind too many questions.

In the chorus, the lyrical hero says that the memories of this girl are extremely important to him. “I collect the ones related to you.” His lover stole his heart. All thoughts of the young man are directed to this girl. The character doesn’t want to lose those memories. He carefully keeps them, does not allow anyone to deprive him of these tender quivering feelings. “I love them.” The hero again and again plunges into his memories. “I feel you with every bout of pain.” But not only pleasant moments are associated with this girl. The young man’s soul cries out in pain. He feels his beloved with all the cells of his heart, but he cannot touch her in any way. And over time it becomes unbearable.

In the second verse, the character shares his emotional wounds with the audience. “I’m hurt too deeply.” This pain won’t let him go. He cannot find salvation from his torments and doubts. Sad thoughts firmly entered his mind, gradually crowding out the good that was associated with his beloved. “I perceive neither light nor water.” The lyrical hero is indifferent to everything that happens around. He is focused on himself and his inner feelings. It is important for the character to deal with his thoughts and feelings.

But will he have the strength to plunge back into memories? “Seal my wounded heart.” The girl did an act that forever remained in the memory of the character. And only the heroine is able to help the hero rise, to collect his soul, scattered into thousands of fragments. Love is different. A strong quivering feeling can heal or convince. Love does not tolerate betrayal and falsehood. She either exists or she doesn’t. When a person is visited by this all-consuming feeling, it is as if wings grow behind his back.

The lyrical hero himself was sometimes wrong. He reports this in the third verse. “You don’t have to be right.” The young man is sure that this is a normal condition. The main thing is to admit your mistakes and oversights in time. “I just wanted you to stay the same as before.” The character acted out of the best of intentions. Exactly as his heart told him to. Exactly as he saw fit and right. When a person sincerely loves, he is able to do the most ridiculous stupid things. But there is not a drop of self-interest or deceit in it. “With a good heart, always smiling.” Love does real miracles. Even the surrounding world seems to a person not so cruel and unfair.

He seems to be looking at life through rose-colored glasses. But it is important not to lose the ability to love in yourself. When fate sends a soul mate to a person, she gives him one of the most significant gifts. “And I found you.” Sometimes a person throughout his life is looking for that one. But when he finds it, he gains everything. The main thing is not to miss your happiness.

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