Meaning of Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

What is more important – material happiness or personal freedom? This question has been raised by so many writers, poets, philosophers, but everyone thinks in completely different ways. Gorillaz also decided to try to raise this issue in their song “Feel Good inc”. They refer to the personal choice of a person, the social structure of society, human arrogance and bile. And after that, many will say that music is not an art, but only a form of entertainment? But what exactly was the band singing about? What did she want to convey to the listener? Let’s find out the meaning of the song!

The meaning of the title of the song “Feel Good inc”

The name is translated as “Pleasure Corporation” or “Pleasure Corporation”, but the essence of the translation does not change. That is, the title indicates that this place will be the starting point for character development. Probably, the group will want to talk about a positive organization that works for the benefit of people. It’s ironic that it would be very different. This corporation will be the antagonist of the narrative. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but let’s move on to studying the lyrics of the song!

The meaning of the song “Feel Good inc” by Gorillaz

The introduction is presented as a kind of slogan of the same company. He encourages everyone to “get high”. We also hear laughter. Do not think that this phrase is only about the use of prohibited substances (although it is related to them). High is all kinds of pleasures available to a person. They don’t have to be allowed.

This is followed by the rest of the song’s lyrics, which feature the band’s “stream of thought” approach. However, deciphers his clip. Therefore, we will explain the meaning of the song by combining the lyrics of the song and the visual image in the video.

There is a building called Feel Good inc. There is the main character, and the rest of the people are in an unconscious state. He has everything that one can wish for, because Feel Good inc provides him with any pleasure.

But he is unhappy, because he cannot get out of this tower.

And then in the window he sees a flying island with a windmill. On the edge sits a girl, the second character. She flies wherever she wants. This is the symbol of individual freedom. Yes, maybe the girl does not have everything she would like, but the very freedom that we talked about earlier is much more important for her. The hero is jealous of her, because he sees how good she is.

Only the story ends not so beautifully – at the end, helicopters attack the island and destroy it. The hero’s last dreams of freedom are shattered.

What do you want to say with this song? We are all somehow “processed” by the media and the state, so we strive for illusory wealth and success. Only here they will not bring pleasure, but only despondency. And all attempts to gain freedom are destroyed. That is why we need to start fighting for her, otherwise we all risk being locked in Feel Good inc.

So personal freedom or enjoyment is the highest good for a person? It is impossible to answer for sure, because the group tries to leave this question unanswered. Each student will have to decide for themselves. However, it is impossible not to notice that the group still prefers freedom.

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