Meaning of Falling Down by Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION

Unfortunately, we will all leave this world sooner or later. Popular artists are no exception. Youth fans, idols of millions – they all die, and often before our eyes. No one can predict the date of death of the next popular person. So the collaboration between Lil Peep & XXXTentacion did not work out during their lifetime. This adds a note of sadness, loneliness and lack of meaning to the song “Falling Down”. Do you know what this song is about? If not, we will be happy to tell you about it!

The meaning of the title of the song “Falling Down”

Falling Down is translated as “fall”. We learn about the sad fate of the performers. Recall that Lil Peep died of a drug overdose. XXXTentacion sincerely wanted to read a duet with his idol, but because of his death he was very worried. X even blamed himself for everything, but his dream came true with the help of Lil Peep’s mother. She agreed to record a posthumous duet. And so the track “Falling Down” was born.

Its name symbolizes not only the fall as death, but also any emotional upheaval. A person during stress literally falls into his own thoughts and feelings. He cannot find a way out of this state. Then the only thing left to do is calm down. Such a fall can be called “Falling Down”.

Meaning of “Falling Down”

The first verse opens with Lil Peep, who, with pain in his soul, calls an unknown girl just to look at the rain. Surely, she is far from him, so the performer suffers deep in his soul. Sometimes his words complement the XXXTentacion inserts. He says that he wants to make a quality track for the sake of Lil Peep. We understand that this artist means more to X than just a landmark in life. He considers him his friend, even if he has not personally met him.

The chorus reinforces the idea that Lil Peep is very lonely. He cannot control himself, so he practically begs his beloved to come to his city. He doesn’t need sex, he doesn’t need noisy establishments and restaurants, Lil Peep only needs her in her nature. He also notes that his girlfriend’s love is like walking on nails. This combination of pleasant memories and severe separation greatly injures the performer, so such an association suggests itself.

Then XXXTentacion enters. He says that Pip’s name will live on forever. After his death, he will only become more famous, so his music will be able to tell others about the life of the performer. And this will be confirmed in real life, because Lil Peep will really become famous after his death.

The track ends with the words that X is very sorry that he could not meet Pip during his lifetime. He realizes that they are very similar, which causes additional sadness.

The track as a whole is made with love for the departed artist Lil Peep.

Who would have thought that one day a performer would be able to record a new song even after death? However, for a legend like Lil Peep, this is also possible! He was able to release the track even after physical death, which is unique in its own way. That is why the track “Falling Down” turned out to be so deep. What else can be added here? Appreciate people while they are still with us, because everyone leaves unexpectedly and forever.

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