Edward Scissorhands Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Edward Scissorhands (1990) tells the story of a young man who has no arms. Instead, he has some manipulators resembling scissors. Edward, that’s the guy’s name, suffers from loneliness. He has a very hard time. However, no one comes to help. And yes, what can you do to help. The young man lives in an old mansion, all alone. This abandoned house may have belonged to some scientist who created Edward, a man with scissors instead of hands.

People pay attention to this house. Since in front of it is a green garden, where the trees are very neatly trimmed. And this haircut is special. Trees resemble beautiful figurines of animals, various characters and other things. One day, a girl comes up to meet Edward. She turned out to be kind-hearted and was able to win over the young man to her.

Edward Scissorhands is a film directed by Tim Burton. Prior to that, he directed such a film as “Batman”. In Burton’s films, a gloomy atmosphere reigns, oppressive music plays. Perhaps this is an orchestra with trumpets, violins and other instruments that evoke piercing, but at the same time low sounds, catching up anxiety and, at the same time, the solemnity of what is happening. As if entering a ball, where people in black masks, and around only gloomy dark tones. The theme of “Edward Scissorhands” is somewhat similar to the theme of another film about Batman. In both cases, it tells about people whose life takes place outside of society. So after the story about the man-bat, Burton and no one else should shoot about “Edward Scissorhands”.

If you remember “Batman”, released in 1989. then the image of a lonely billionaire who hid in a cave appears in order to go out into the streets of Gotham in a mask at night and fight the underworld. Wayne is a sociophobe who became so because of the tragedy of losing his parents. The young billionaire, instead of being in a secular society, is alone in his mansion, sitting in an armchair and looking at the fireplace. This is how the viewer sees him. But as soon as the “Bat” signal lights up in the sky, he immediately runs out into the streets to fight crime. But he does not need praise from society, because when peaceful people approach him, he immediately flies away on a Bat-glider. He communicates only with Commissioner Gordon and journalist Vicki Vale. A lives in a mansion with a Batcave underneath.

This is the image of Batman, created by director Burton in 1989. Later, in 1990, the film “Edward Scissorhands” was released. It starred the talented actor Johnny Depp, who later embodied the image of the hairdresser “Sweeney Todd” of the same Burton. And what do these characters have in common? Batman, Edward Scissorhands Sweeney Todd are sociopaths. Burton’s Batman became so after the villainous Joker murdered his family. Edward Scissorhands has inhuman limbs after a monstrous experiment by a mad scientist. Sweeney Todd lost his family to Judge Turpin.

It can be seen that the main theme of Burton is the images of people cut off from society for one reason or another. The difference is that one of them was forced to become an outcast, and someone did it voluntarily. Batman is a billionaire and can lead a secular lifestyle with beautiful ladies, but he has chosen the secluded cave life of a crime fighter. Also, Sweeney Todd is a first-class hairdresser, but loves solitude, hatching a plan for revenge, looking at the full moon at night.

And only Edward hands – scissors had no choice. He is a freak with sharp scissor limbs. Edward cannot touch surrounding objects, as he can cut them. When he met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her, he could not hug her, so he had no arms, but only sharp blades between them. And at the same time, he is drawn to the light, to the creation of the world. He could attack people at night, chopping them with his blades, like many scary horror heroes. Instead, Edward carves beautiful shapes from green bushes. Despite the deformities, he remains human.

The young man even tries to be useful with his blades, but he does not succeed well. And yet, he found happiness in the face of a girl who was also able to love him. It can be assumed that the film “Edward Scissorhands” teaches viewers to love people for who they are, without any prejudice. After all, the appearance is unimportant, the soul is important.

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