Meaning of DUN DUN by Everglow & The Story Behind

Meaning of Korean band EVERGLOW’s song “DUN DUN”

EVERGLOW is a South Korean pop group made up of young girls. They are quite well established as a phenomenon among the culture of Korean “idols”, idols of the younger generation. The message of their hit “Dun Dun” is a theme of female power, emancipation, that has been popular in the last decade. The song has no deep lyrics. She, like many Korean texts, straightforwardly, not metaphorically reveals her plot. But that’s the beauty of keypop as a phenomenon. Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of the song.

Approximate translation of the song

There are sounds of drums (the Korean analogue of imitation of the sound of a param-pam-pam drum) and a call to sing a song (a small reference to the pioneer movement, also very popular in Asia). Further, the lyrical heroine tells what an unusual and strong personality she is, a predator of the urban jungle.

In the chorus, she refers to her former lover (or the present one – this is not specified) and calls him so done, which can actually be translated as “finished”, and also compares him with a lamb – an innocent victim. Let’s take a closer look at the song.

The meaning of the song – parsing by verses

First verse

In the first verse, the girl says that she is going to be rude right away, without introductions, without trying to soften the truth. Addressing the young man, she says that the urban jungle is a playground for her. She is not embarrassed by the dangers and temptations of the big city, since she herself is dangerous. She, like a real predator of this “jungle”, makes a choice of a victim. And today her choice fell on the young man she is addressing. The girl is going to make him fall in love with herself, literally translating “to leave her name in his heart”, so the young man is better off running before it’s too late.


Interestingly, the chorus is sung in two languages ​​- English and Korean. In English, censorship vocabulary is used, but with elements of jargon.

So, it is in English that the girls sing “darling, you are finished and now you are finished.” It is further said that the heroine’s lover is “stuck” in her eyes (as in the tenacious paws of a predator) and cannot move “even an inch”, that is, completely weak-willed, broken, “hypnotized”.

Second verse

In the second verse, the lyrical heroine admits that she is not at all what she seems. She is not a calculating and cold machine, but an explosive mechanism that can go off at any moment. When the “explosion” occurs, it will be pointless for the young man to run. Therefore, he needs to better defend himself from her, so that the heroine does not turn his world upside down, does not smash it with her temperament. Further, the girl admits that only her words are prudent and cold, but her body movements betray a fiery temperament. She strives for her lover, knowing that with her temperament, with her strength, she will simply crush him, but she cannot stop, and does not want to.

Third verse

The lyrical heroine says that attempts to escape are meaningless, since feelings for her are an uninhabited island in the open sea, from which one cannot escape. It is actually “engraved” in the heart of a young man, carved into it. This trace will not drag on, will not heal, it remains only to be accepted. Next comes the chorus.

Fourth verse

The predator heroine sinks her claws deeper and deeper into her prey. Moreover, plunging her claws into prey, she knows that the unfortunate lamb will “praise” her, admire her strength and beauty.

The song ends with a chorus.

The meaning of the name

Dun Dun is an onomatopoeia of drumming, but not only. In the chorus, the sound “dun dun” is consonant with the English word “done”, used in two senses.

The first meaning of the word, the direct meaning is over, the end. This is a word that describes the fate of the “victim of love.” The second meaning of the word, as mentioned above, is the slang “finished”.

Lyrics of Dun Dun by Everglow


The drums are playing
Pa ram pum-pum-pum-pum
Sing a song

I’ll be rough even from the first intro So
don’t be scared
Word of mouth

Even this thick jungle is just an electric playground for me
Fine, I’ve made my choice
I’m going to leave my name in your heart
So you better run

You’re so bad
You’re so bad
Now you’re done
Stuck in my eyes
Don Don
Like a little lamb
Honey, you can’t even move an inch

I’m not what I seem, I’m not holding back,
so powerful If you let down your defenses , I ‘ll
turn this place upside down, bomb,
bomb, bomb like ah I’m elegant, I won’t stop Yes, and I can’t stop, I long for you

Even if you try to run away, it’s like you’re stuck on a deserted island
Fine, it’s over
I’ll engrave myself in your heart
So you better run

You’re so Bad
You’re so Bad
Now you’re done
Stuck in my gaze
Like a little lamb
Honey, you can’t even move an inch

Deeper and deeper
I sink into you
Hold you tight until the end
No doubt
Praise me
You will look at me with respect
You will call and scream for me
Yes you will be mine
I read every part of you simply and easily

You’re so Bad You ‘re
so Bad Now you ‘re
done Stuck
in my eyes
Like a little

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