Don’t Look Up Movie Meaning & Plot Summary

A thinking mature viewer with many years of experience sooner or later begins to realize that the bulk of the tapes he has watched before are too similar to each other. There is almost always a happy ending, victory over evil, and a superhero saving humanity. The director’s picture “Don’t Look Up” is clearly different from the standard Hollywood film product. It can be given the name “The world has gone mad.” It exposes obvious problems that millions of people in real life take for granted. We often do not pay attention to the global, concentrating on the little things, ridiculous quarrels and banal mood. We put our ego in the center of the Universe and often forget that there is no other such Earth anywhere else. And if there is, it will be unsuitable for our species. A post on a social network is more important for many than the problem of survival and the approaching end of the planet, which is a grain on a cosmic scale.

It all started with the fact that the charming and smart graduate student Kate Dibiasky discovered a celestial body while working with a telescope. She shares her discovery with the professor. Randall Mindy makes a rough calculation and realizes that in a month the comet will hit the Earth. Multiple checks did not console: every hour brings everyone closer to Armageddon. They are joined by Teddy Oglethorpe, head of the Planetary Defense Office. They rush to the White House, but immediately encounter protocol bureaucracy and delays in the administration of the head of state. At the third hour of waiting for a meeting with Jeni Orlin, they begin to understand that it is problematic to convey the most important problem to the country’s top officials. Our heroes notice that there are many strange people in the president’s entourage who should see a psychiatrist. They don’t care about the deadly comet, because the elections are in three weeks. And this news will distract their electorate!

Scientists decide to speak directly to humanity and take part in the morning show on television. But their news simply made the hosts and the audience laugh. The approach of the comet is clearly not included in the plans of the audience, Dibiasca is made the object of ridicule. Even the NASA leadership considers the impending disaster a gamble, many employees do not understand aeronautics at all and are far from scientific knowledge. Only after some time, the US President begins to talk about the problem. And she has a reason for this – it is necessary to distract voters from compromising evidence on her, which has surfaced quite recently. Soon astronauts are joining the cause: several ships with a nuclear charge will be launched towards the killer. A powerful explosion will change the flight path and the world will be saved. There was even a hero ready to die for humanity.

But the film doesn’t end there. After the launch of the missiles, a decision is made to cancel the mission. President Orlin has a sponsor – billionaire Peter Isherwell. He convinces the ruling lady not to destroy the comet. The celestial body consists of millions of tons of the most valuable and rare metals. If they have this property, then the problems of mankind will be solved. It is foolish to destroy the “golden egg”. A greedy technologist on his knees draws up a plan to slow down the comet’s speed. She just falls into the ocean and causes a big tsunami. And South American governments are very easy to bribe. With such a trophy, all losses and destruction can be compensated. Our heroes have been removed from the case, and riots begin in the streets. The society was divided into two camps – one for the complete destruction of the comet, the other for new jobs.

In desperation, Kate and Mindy folded their hands, just decided to live a little for themselves. They were pressured, made fools of them, they were laughed at. Now they themselves do not believe in danger and simply want to enjoy the last days. And the comet is getting closer – it is already visible without a telescope every evening. And then this picture is adopted by the team of Jane Orlin. PR people launch the slogan “Don’t look up!” You shouldn’t believe what you see. We must rely on politicians and give ourselves completely to them. And they will solve all problems. The greed of the American elite leads to the fact that China, Russia and India are excluded from the project. All the contents of the comet should go to a limited circle of people.

A rocket with a new nuclear charge is launched from Baikonur, but an emergency occurs – the ship explodes at the start. Now only the United States is able to save humanity from disaster. But their project was also unsuccessful – it did not work out to divide the comet into several parts. Soon it will fall and destroy civilization. The rich top, including the president, are leaving the Earth. Our heroes refuse the places given to them – they decide to die with their friends and relatives. Only Jason Orlin, chief of staff, will survive. He will immediately start a photo shoot against the background of the ruins and will be dissatisfied with the fact that no one noticed his fresh post.

After 23,000 years, the sent ship found a planet similar to Earth. The rich people came out of cryosleep and began to admire the new beauties. But there are a lot of predatory armored cats here – they eat the president first. There is something for everyone in this black comedy. Many recognize themselves and loved ones in the image of heroes. Someone saddles the reassessment of priorities. Be sure to watch the tape, which will enter the world cinema and become a textbook. And remember – there is no higher value than life! No wealth is worth dying for!

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