Donnie Darko Movie Meaning & Plot Summary

The film “Donnie Darko” was released on the big screens in 2001. However, the talk about him does not subside. This movie is impossible to forget. How did writer/director Richard Kelly achieve a truly iconic film? What is the meaning of the legendary film “Donnie Darko”?

What is Donnie Darko about?

1988 October. A small American town in Middlesex County. Donnie Darko is a high school student who lives with his parents and two sisters. On October 2, the hero suddenly woke up from a strange order. Frank – a man in the form of a giant rabbit with an ominous grin – mentally ordered the high school student to leave his parents’ house. In 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, according to Frank, the apocalypse will happen. The end of the world is near.

In the morning the hero woke up in a strange place – on the golf course. Donnie Darko returned to the house to find that a large aircraft engine had fallen on his dwelling. In addition, this incomprehensible unit landed right in the schoolboy’s room. Elizabeth – the older sister of the hero – said that even the FAA investigators could not unravel the strange find.

A new girl, Gretchen Ros, appears in Donnie Darko’s class. Friendship develops between the characters. Frank is worried about time travel, he decided to share his experiences with a physics teacher. The teacher advised him to study a book on philosophy on the subject, authored by a local resident of this town, Robert Sparrow.

At night, Donnie is plagued by visions and nightmares. Under their influence, he once entered the school and cut the pipes with an ax. Water gushed out of them. The school was flooded. This was not the end of his atrocities.

Halloween Eve. The hero and his older sister are alone in the house. They decided to have a party. Masked people fill their house. Donnie suddenly saw a strange note on the refrigerator and it dawned on the hero that today was exactly the terrible day that Frank had warned about. A storm loomed over the small town. The hero hurries to the local writer, where he meets with classmates. Due to personal hostility between young people, a fight breaks out, during which Gretchen was on the sidelines. A young girl was run over by a car and died. Donnie’s mother and younger sister, returning from a dance competition, were victims of a plane crash. The engine from the plane crashed due to a storm ended up on the hero’s house. Why does time “rewind” back and what conclusion will all participants in the events make?

Meaning of Donnie Darko

There are several points of view regarding the meaning that is embedded in the film. Consider the main versions.

1. Donnie is a mentally ill person

A hero suffering from mental disorders. Everything that happens on the screen is the fruit of his sick imagination. This meaning lies on the surface. A giant rabbit with a sinister grin. Visions that push Donnie to do inappropriate things. Psychotherapist visits. The facial expressions of the hero are not quite ordinary. The hero feels that he will soon die.

The story of a deep personal tragedy of a high school student. He will never become an independent adult, will not get a family and children. The stages of the formation of his sisters as individuals will pass by him. Empty aimless existence. But what does the suddenly fallen aircraft engine have to do with it then? Or is it also a figment of the imagination of a mentally ill person?!

2. Donnie’s mission is to save the world

This version seems to be the most true. There are references to the book The Philosophy of Time Travel in the film. Naturally, in reality this work does not exist. The meaning of this work is that the correct, consistent time course can fail. The reasons for this phenomenon are not fully known. However, during this process, the Tangent Universe is formed. This substance is unstable. The time of its existence is a little more than 28 days. But the Tangent Universe is not only this insidious. She forms a black fool who destroys everything and returns the universe to the starting point of creation.

Donnie is a ray of light that can save the world. He has an important mission. Only in the hands of Donnie is the salvation of all things. The rest of the characters are additional assistants who push Donnie to successfully complete the mission. In addition, the hero is endowed with superpowers. Donnie Darko realizes that his inevitable death awaits. However, responsibility for all living things gives him peace and tranquility. The hero understands his mission and agrees with it.

The point of Donnie Darko is that people are powerless in the face of the inevitable. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing your interests and desires for the common good. Don’t focus solely on yourself and your life. Take a look around. Perhaps at this very moment someone needs your help.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Donnie Darko”

At the end of the film, the hero realizes that his death will save many people close to him. Therefore, knowing the outcome of further events, he makes a decision and remains in his room. Donnie saved the world. A worthy act.

The meaning of the finale is that each of our actions has its own reason and its own consequences. You cannot live solely by your own rules and principles, ignoring the foundations of society. This is not the right path that will lead nowhere.

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