Meaning of Days Are Forgotten by Kasabian

The first single from the fourth album of the British indie rock band Kasabian, which the musicians called Velociraptor!, was the song Days Are Forgotten.

This incredibly driving track, which conquered the famous rapper LL Cool J (read about it below), is the subject of the article.

The story behind and meaning of the song Days Are Forgotten

Let’s start with the main idea of ​​the song. Its author Sergio Pizzorno explained what Days Are Forgotten is about:

The lyrics of the song were inspired by hip hop MCs like Doom. I really like all this attitude in the spirit of “we are like that, and if you don’t like it, go to …”. Days is us making our case. There is a line in it: “Call me banal / How right you are.” I may be talking rock ‘n’ roll platitudes, but I’m proud of it.”


Days Are Forgotten Relays and Achievements

In August 2011, the single was released in Belgium, and on September 9, Days Are Forgotten was released in the UK, where it peaked at number 28 on the UK Singles Chart.

The single also included a remix of the song by Z-Trip featuring LL Cool J. The legendary American rapper himself asked to be given the opportunity to work on the track after Kasabian producer Dan Avtomator gave him Days Are Forgotten to listen to.

Video of Days Are Forgotten by Kasabian

A cool video was shot for the song, in which the musicians, being in an empty dark room, play instruments drawn with a white pencil. But why convey in words what you can see.

Days Are Forgotten Lyrics by Kasabian

hey son
I’m looking forward
You’re leaning backwards
Of this I’m sure

Have you had enough?
Are you feeling rough?
Does your skull hurt?
Well if it’s warm

‘Cause I am taking back what’s mine
I am taking back the time
You may call it suicide
But I’m being born again
I’m waiting

I’m waiting
Right here now, I’m waiting
For somebody
or something
to take me
To take me over

Days, days are forgotten
Now it’s all over
simply forgotten
How to disappear

Home Bred
I’ve got blood lust
Feeding you bread crust
I leave no scar

You say I’m old hat
A f***ing dirty rat
Call me a cliche
How right are you

‘Cause I am flipping bag of bones
I am righting all your wrongs
You may call it suicide
But I’m being born again
I’m waiting

I saw something
I get on the dark
It’s the
You were at home
Chewing a monkey brain

I’m out here
I’m just a silhouette
You will never
Ever ever forget

Lyrics of Days Are Forgotten by Kasabian Alternate

Hey son
I look forward to
And you reach for the past
Of this I am sure

Have you had enough?
Hard for you?
Skull splitting?
It’s good if she’s warm

‘Cause I’m taking back mine
I return time
You can call it suicide
But I am reborn
I wait

I wait
Right here and now, I’m waiting
Or something
Who me
Who will replace me

Days, those days are forgotten
Now it’s all over
Just forgotten
How to disappear

Raised at home
I’m thirsty for blood
I feed you bread crusts
I leave no scars

You say I’m old fashioned
Damn dirty rat
You call me banal
How right are you

‘Cause I’m a goddamn bastard
I fix all your mistakes
You can call it suicide
But I am reborn
I wait

I saw something
Darkness covers me
Were you at home
And chewed on the brain of a monkey

I’m right here
I’m just a silhouette
You never
You will never ever forget

Song quote

I mean, if you listen to the lyrics to “Days Are Forgotten”, you know it’s, you know, really heavy. It’s like being thrown in your face.

Chris Edwards, May the Rock Be with You

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