Meaning of Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood

I think that many fans of foreign musical art have heard about the American musical group “The Neighborhood”, known for their performance of music in the genre of alternative rock. The band consists of vocalist Jesse Rutherford , guitarists Jeremy Friedman and Zach Ebels , bassist Mikey Margott and drummer Brandon Fried .

A few years ago, on May 5, 2016, from under the hands of Brandon Freed, Justin Pilbrow and Jesse Rutherford (it was they who wrote the lyrics), performed by the group “The Neighborhood”, a song came out that tore the screens of TVs, computers and phones. This song currently has thirty-six million views on YouTube video hosting. And this mini-masterpiece of alternative rock is called “Daddy Issues”. This song is featured on the band’s second album Wiped Out! » . In this article we will try to understand the meaning of this work and think about what the performers wanted to say with this song.

First, let’s try to figure out the name of the song – “Daddy Issues”. Literally, this phrase is translated into Russian as “problems / disagreements with the father / dad.” It is clear that after reading the translation of the song, at the very first moment everyone comes up with the idea that the song is about the relationship of two young people who both had their own problems with their father.

Everything seems to be transparent and clear, but in fact there is something to think about: after all, problems with parents are completely different, and the perception of the same problems by a man and a woman is fundamentally different: the relationship of a girl with her father in the future is projected on her attitude with a partner, if she doesn’t break herself and doesn’t make herself a normal person, but this requires an example, which, based on the meaning of the song, the girl did not have.

The relationship of a guy with his father can serve as an explanation of his real character and behavior, it is clear that if the father truly loved his son, although he was rarely affectionate with him, then sooner or later this will make a real man out of the boy, but if the father is rude without love to your child, then this, on the contrary, will be the cause of the boy’s numerous complexes in the future.

For example, the line “It’s crazy what you do for fame” refers to a man. Based on it, we can assume that a man in a relationship is ready to sacrifice a lot in order to “keep the mark” in front of everyone, roughly speaking, goes over their heads so as not to spoil public opinion about himself.

This clearly shows that in childhood his father was strict with him and did not believe in him. Although the song doesn’t specifically talk about it, but from the line “You know what your mama went through” understand that the boy saw constant problems in the family and psychologically suffered from this (“I’m not entirely here, half of me has disappeared” – part of me has disappeared, I’m not that I’m right here).

In the end, the girl dies, and the guy cannot let her go and forget. As a result, his soul is even more crippled by life. A sad story, it would seem, is just about problems with his father.

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