Meaning of Control by Halsey

Bipolar disorder, in addition to being a popular diagnosis, is a serious medical condition. Many popular personalities use this particular disease to attract attention to themselves. This may be the reason why really sick people who need help are left behind. Singer Halsey has long admitted that she suffers from bipolar disorder. To draw attention to people suffering from “bipolar”, she recorded the song “Control”, which clearly describes her two opposing states. So what happens to her? Let’s analyze this song!

The meaning of the title of the song “Control” by Halsey

Control implies the ability to control one’s own thoughts and body. The performer suffers from an illness that casts doubt on this possibility. Her state can change from one to another, which creates difficulties in controlling her own body.

However, with this name, she shows that she can still cope with this. Even the disease will not stop the girl. Her body and thoughts will become subject to her.

It can also be noted that the word can be used as a verb, that is, a kind of call. Control! There is no other way!

The meaning of the song “Control” by Halsey

The first verse is built on contrast. On the one hand – the search for wealth and gold, on the other – a bunch of monsters. Halsey, even as a child, combined two personalities fighting among themselves for the same control over her. It is hard for her to admit it, but it was not always possible to contain the negative essence.

That is why she advises everyone to be afraid of her. After all, at the moment it is not known which of the personalities has control over it. Even she herself is aware of this, but still tries to warn everyone. Again, there is a battle between two personalities.

The girl declares that her own body is not enough for her to store her soul. But it is multifaceted, so the only embodiment is not enough for her. It is impossible to combine two character traits at once with all their features. This causes great difficulties with adaptation in a society that simply does not want to understand its problems. This is terrible, because the girl did not become like this because of her own desire.

The second verse shows a particularly negative side of this disease. Little Halsey became afraid of herself. She was afraid to even look in the mirror, so she turned them away. The girl understood that there was someone else inside her who did not want to give up positions. But she had to pull herself together, wrest control from this entity.

And at the moment, Halsey is suffering from this disease. Even now it is difficult for her to fight with the second personality, but she wants to give everyone confidence. She sincerely wishes that all bipolar patients find harmony with their bodies.

Surely, the performer achieved her goal – attention was paid to bipolar disorder. And here is what it gave in the future – an occasion for the analysis of social history. You can see what this track gave the performer. But the main thing is that you are now familiar with the meaning. Congratulations!

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