Meaning of Boy With Luv by BTS

The BTS band instantly appeared at the top of many charts. The number of fans on the pages in the social networks of the team members goes off scale. The group’s compositions are a resounding success with fans. Let’s take a look at one of the BTS songs – “Boy with luv”, analyze the parts of the track to understand their hidden meaning.

In the first verse, the lyrical hero shows his interest in the girl. He is curious about everything connected with her. The character is trying to find out as much information about the girl as possible. The main thing is that he needs to get acquainted with the actions that inspire her. The hero must not miss a single detail. Perhaps young people are only looking at each other, getting to know each other better. “What makes you happy?” This is the question the character wants answered.

From the second verse, we understand that the girl “stole” the young man’s heart. All thoughts of the hero are only about that one. The character admires this cute charming girl. Each representative of the fair sex would dream of hearing the same words from her chosen one. The hero is ready to give himself without a trace to this relationship. He will not allow himself to commit a rash act, betray or deceive his chosen one. He thinks over all the words so as not to offend the girl.

In the next part of the composition, the hero refers to “his girl”. It was she who taught him to love, made him believe in the power of tender quivering feelings. The lyrical hero seemed to have grown wings behind his back. He rose above the routine, fuss, everyday problems. The character suddenly realized that all the hardships and difficulties are of little importance. His heart was filled with love. They are driven by sincere and honest motives. The hero in the depths of his soul does not believe that all this is happening to him. Initially, he was skeptical, but the meeting with a beautiful girl turned his whole worldview upside down.

In the chorus, the hero talks about how much this stranger “hooked” him. “You lifted me up so quickly.” The meaning of the composition “Boy with love” is that love works real miracles. The character is not pretending. He has changed not only externally, but also internally. The hero suddenly realized that right now he began to live a full life. Before meeting this sweet girl, he wandered aimlessly around the world. His existence was dull and gray. But now everything is different. “There is nothing stronger than love.” Now for the character, this phrase has become an axiom that does not require proof.

In the third verse, the lyrical hero informs the audience about his first inner feelings after meeting a girl. His life will never be the same again. “My whole life has become you.” The character does not notice anyone around. In this girl, he found what he had been looking for for so long. It was she who became the whole world for the hero. The character does not get tired of saying compliments to his beloved. The girl became a star for him, illuminating his life path. For the hero, his only one is the embodiment of purity, femininity, grace. This is the ideal to which he has been going for so long.

The main idea of ​​the song “Boy with love” is to convey to the listeners that all-consuming love is a real gift of fate. Strong tender feelings are something to strive for. If you met your man, try to make him the happiest. Do not focus on the shortcomings, take a closer look at the merits. Do not miss the chance to create a strong relationship where each of the partners respects and appreciates the other. Love is an incentive for new achievements. May fate be kind to every listener.

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