Meaning of Bez boyu by Okean Elzy

Okean Elzy’s song Bez boyu (“Without a fight”) has a special meaning for the author himself, he says that he considers it one of his favorites. For Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, compositions have an intimate, their own meaning, but he does not tell a story, but invites his listeners to simply enjoy the song and find something personal in it for everyone. The leader of the group also notes, speaking about the history of creation, that this one was written last of all the compositions on the album, but the very first was recorded in the studio, probably, the truth “Without a fight” hooked the author himself. Let us analyze in more detail the translation of the song into English from Ukrainian in order to understand what the song “Without a fight” is about.

The first verse begins with disparate rhetorical questions, the hero asks them to his girlfriend or just the one who likes and evokes sympathy. He does not expect answers, he only laments that he could not keep her. Perhaps these lines are about a breakup, and perhaps not, because at the end he invites his interlocutor to pour wine. So she’s still here, next to him. It’s just hard for them to find a common language. She may want to leave, but the hero asks her to stay under the pretext that it is now too late. If she stays now, she will stay with him forever. At least the lyrical hero believes in this.

And in the chorus we see the motive of the desire to return, the hero is not going to give up, because he is not going to fight for love. He admits his mistake, it was not worth just throwing himself into the pool of beautiful eyes, but now it’s too late, and the hero just wants to be there, with her. He addresses the girl as if he does not know who she is, asks to identify herself, but, most likely, these are also rhetorical questions. Or maybe the questions are directed at himself – the hero asks himself who she is for him – happiness or an obsession?

In the second verse, one can notice regrets that he could not keep, only it is not clear who – himself from this diving into the pool, or he could not keep her, and yet the girl left ..

You can see that some lines are repeated throughout the song, probably they have a special meaning, revealing the meaning of the song “Without a fight”. We are talking about those lines when the hero offers to drink wine, and he wants to sweeten it to the girl. Apparently, this is how he expresses his desire to please at any cost, if only to be noticed, if only she would love him in return. The hero is not ashamed to admit that in the absence of his beloved, he gives vent to his feelings – he grieves, cries, but then the chorus follows again, in which he is definitely not going to give up without a fight.

It is in these lines “I will not give up without a fight” that the whole idea of ​​the composition lies. The song has become personal for many listeners, and for good reason. It has no specific reference to a girl or events from the author’s personal life, it is simply filled with feelings and emotions that everyone who loved experienced. With his song, the creator calls not only to love and give the best in the name of love, but to fight, if circumstances so require, for love. After all, it is these feelings that are the strongest and very important and necessary for every person.

Thus, we were able to understand the composition a little better, the original language of which is Ukrainian. In fact, it is precisely for this reason that some disputes sometimes flare up among listeners and critics, because the translations of different authors differ somewhat, respectively, and the interpretation of what the song “Without a fight” is also different. But the main thing that the author wanted to convey to the listeners was the desire to fight for feelings.

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Lyrics of the song Without a fight – Okean Elzy

Why don’t you go, why
don’t you
zoom in? It’s clear at the moment
Everything is clear
For me now and for the rest
of the day Don’t go , do
go, I’ll pour my own, I’ll pour you wine
You want honey
Who did you take my life
and did not see Who did you drink
my blood ? Kim bi ne bula ti I won’t give up without a fight I won’t give up without a fight


What am I? Why am I
not zooming ? So I’m blowing
for you
Today , I
’m so blowing
without you. I’ll
manage without you

Who you and you took my life
and didn’t see Who
you and you drank my blood Fallen
down Your
eyes call out to

I will pour myself, I will pour you
Who you and you took my life
and didn’t see Who you and you
drank my blood Fallen
down Your
eyes call out
to me without a fight

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