Meaning of Arcade by Duncan Laurence

The last pre-coronavirus winner of Eurovision, Duncan Lawrence, conquered the world with the touching song “Arcade”. The title of the track means a certain genre of short computer games. In terms of intensity, the arcade varieties are some of the most intense for gamers.

Song of unrequited love

The plot of the hit is uncomplicated. The main character broke his own heart in the next weather for love. He is trying to close up the cracks of the chest organ with something, but on the way he loses a couple of pieces from it. It turns out that the wound turns out to be incurable – it is more serious than it was thought at first.

Further, the lyrical hero asks to take him home. It is on the handles to carry, like a child, and not in any other way. This is what is meant by the English verb carry.

Way home

It is curious to guess what the author means by the word “house”. He is trying to convey his own heart there, and he also asks to be delivered there himself. Probably, home here symbolizes a once abandoned paradise of tranquility, devoid of any human games of love and sociality. The singer dreams of returning to childhood – at a time when he had not yet wounded his heart with any loves.

The game of love

Any love script has already been written by someone. It is always necessary to first make dates, give flowers and sweets, and go from kiss to sex very smoothly. Following this routine is like playing a game. When love does not find reciprocity, loss is inevitable.

The song is addressed to a person, falling in love with whom is a 100% fiasco. There will definitely be no response. There will only be suffering. There is an assumption on the Internet that the reason for this confidence in the loss is the unconventional orientation of the author. As they say, “this is not accurate.” The property of the English language is such that it is difficult to clearly understand for whom the main character dries – for a man or a woman.

Property of suffering

Duncan describes his torment from two points of view at once. They are like:

  • an arcade, which is played for the first time by a provincial boy;
  • rollercoaster ride. The author asks to be removed from this terrible attraction.

The comparison is accurate. Mood swings during falling in love are surprisingly similar to sharp ups and downs. A fleeting hope for reciprocity, dying, immediately turns into hell. It is these “roller coasters” that caused passionate love to be included in the list of short-term mental illnesses not so long ago.

The name is the only “highlight”

Comparison of human relationships with a computer game is characteristic of modern digital “autists”. Having spent all their childhood at the screens, they are looking for strategies for real life there. By naming his song the word “Arcade”, the author made it recognizable among other pop tracks.

In general, there is nothing dangerous in the overseas musical composition even for a child’s ear. Her graceful beauty is absolutely harmless. The meaning of the song does not carry anything particularly original – it is an ordinary melodrama about love. Most hits have been written on this topic. Lawrence did not make an exception, which probably paved his way into the hearts of most listeners at Eurovision.

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