Annabelle Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American horror film Annabelle is not a typical film. This is a horror picture full of events, emotions, unexpected moments, which makes each viewer think about the meaning of his life, about his destiny. The director accurately and clearly exposed the problems that are relevant to most people. What is the true meaning of the movie Annabelle? Let’s try to reveal our point of view.

What is Annabelle about?

1967 Santa Monica, California. The doctor – John Form – made his wife a pleasant surprise in honor of the imminent birth of their first child. The hero gave his wife Mia a porcelain doll – a rare and valuable item. John’s wife decided to leave the surprise in the children’s room. The next night was extremely restless. The heroes heard strange sounds from a neighbor’s apartment. Mia urgently began to call the police. However, at that moment, the spouses were attacked by strangers who killed their neighbors, the Higgins family.

The police squad quickly arrived. Law enforcement officers shot the male killer, who died on the spot. Seeing what was happening, the partner of the criminal cut her throat. At that moment, she was in the children’s room and held a rare porcelain doll in her hand. The attackers were Annabelle – the daughter of the Higgins – and her boyfriend. The criminals were followers of the sect.

After this terrible night, the life of the Form family was divided into before and after. Paranormal phenomena began to haunt the spouses. However, despite this, Mia managed to give birth to a healthy daughter, Leah. The heroes were sure that a bright and happy future awaits them. They moved into a new rented apartment. But when the couple began to unpack the boxes, they found a porcelain doll. This event would not be so strange if John had not thrown away this rare toy after a terrible attack. Now the ghost of Annabelle began to haunt the heroes again.

The meaning of the movie Annabelle

The Annabelle film received mixed reviews. Some film critics believe that there are many inconsistencies and controversial points in the tape. The director tried to touch upon the problems that people face in their daily lives. We are always in a hurry somewhere. We are in a hurry to do everything at once. As a result, our quality of life suffers. We are afraid of something not in time, to lose, to miss. The image of a rare porcelain doll in the film Annabelle is collective. This vintage copy represents our fears. We cherish our obsessive thoughts, we cultivate them on our own. Why can’t we just give them up, why do we carry around “tons” of past memories that hurt us?

The point of the film “The Annabelle Curse” is that each person looks at himself from the outside. How is our day going? Are we really doing what we want to do? Like the ghost of the girl Annabelle, represented as a doll, we are haunted by our fears. When they take over our minds, our lives become like a horror movie. A person seems to fall into a swamp, from which it is not so easy to find a way out.

The image of a doll in this film is not accidental, because most of our fears, obsessive thoughts, complexes are from our childhood. Over time, our self-esteem falls, we become people who do not believe in themselves and their strengths. We are afraid to take responsibility even for our actions. This is the road to nowhere. The feeling of dissatisfaction will lead to a meaningless uninteresting existence. It is important for any person to find something to their liking. For happiness, peace of mind, we need to surround ourselves with dedicated, honest people who can be relied upon in any difficult situation.

The point of Annabelle is also to show the audience that life consists of both white and black stripes. There will always be problems and difficulties. You must learn to overcome all obstacles with your head held high. It is foolish to blame fate for everything, evil fate. What will be our life depends only on us. We need to free ourselves from complexes and understand that fears live only in our head. The sooner a person realizes this, the more chances he has for a happy and joyful existence.

The meaning of the finale of the movie Annabelle

Each person has his own purpose. This thought is the meaning of the finale of the film Annabelle. Often we can not cope with our obsessive thoughts, fears. We relive the events of the past again and again. It seems that from one of our wrong steps, we ruined our entire future existence. Sometimes we think there is no way out. Dead end. Problems haunt us one after another.

All the troubles, obstacles, dissatisfaction with life in a person arises only because he cannot clearly understand his destiny. Often he is afraid to open up even to himself. Anger, apathy, a sense of uselessness in this world accumulate, forming a snowball. Everyone needs to learn how to break this vicious circle. Stop living in Groundhog Day mode. It makes no sense to blame everyone around you for your failures and failures. It is important to free yourself from the framework that fetters your inner self. Then life will sparkle again with bright saturated colors.

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