Meaning Ich weiß es nicht by Lindemann

The meaning of the video and song Ich weiss es nicht — LINDEMANN. The German vocalist and frontman of the Lindemann metal band  Till  Lindemann in the composition  Ich weiß es nicht , which means “I don’t know anything” in German, appears as a lost character who does not understand the meaning of life and his place in the world at all.

The meaning of the song Ich weiss es nicht

The image presented in the song  Lindemann  –  Ich weiß es nicht, extremely tragic. You can imagine a fantastic character in it, or you can imagine a completely real person. Take a look around! Most people simply do not understand why they live and are in constant search for answers to “eternal” questions. “Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going?” – the hero is worried, not remembering his name and forgetting his past. It is difficult to guess what led him to such sad consequences, because he does not understand how and when the problems began. The character is very hard on his soul: he is all alone, he does not feel the shining sun, the rain always “beats” him. Heavy thoughts finally overcame him. “I don’t need a mirror, I don’t know my face” – he just wants to finally forget himself, run away somewhere far, far away and start a new life.

The meaning of the video Ich weiss es nicht

Lindemann  addresses a specific audience in his songs, the meaning of which, perhaps, is not clear to many. And in order to understand it, you need to perceive the work of the performer in an audiovisual way: watch the clip and listen to the song.

Clip  Lindemann  –  Ich weiß es nicht  was created using modern technology, namely GAN. GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) is a generation technique that consists of two neural networks. One generates images, and the second distinguishes real from fake. GAN is used in particular in generating photographs that are perceived by the human eye as natural images. It is not known what exactly was reproduced in the clip using a neural network, but the images of mechanisms, people and animals changing in the video hint at the use of the GAN system.

The clip begins with hidden eroticism: images of attractive women flicker against the background of a snail in a shell. The main character is the neural network itself. This becomes clear when the singing Till appears against the background of the flashing images. The neural network analyzes everything living and non-living in search of itself and the meaning of its life. Intertwining fantasy and truth, she appears as a superhuman mind trying to find the essence of things, regardless of gender and age, origin and appearance.

Lindemann  –  Ich  wei ß  es  nicht  refers to the famous song  Rammstein  –  Mutter . It presents the image of a baby abandoned by his mother. The song contains the words “no one gave me a name, born in a hurry and without a seed.” Of course, the close interweaving of  Mutter  with  Ich weiß es nicht is immediately noticeable , where the hero does not know his name, where he comes from and who he is in general. But this hero is just a machine! How can she torture herself with uncertainty? This is the interesting idea behind the  Lindemann video. — compare the ultra-fast car with the human mind! Everyone can understand the message of the author in their own way, but one thing is clear that even a super modern car can come to an end.

Of course, it’s great when modern technologies do useful, sometimes even the smallest work for a person. But we must remember that no machine can replace the human mind, which is many times harder. Man is the creator of the machine, which means that he bears full responsibility for it. And the actual modern question of automation in the near future of everything and everywhere, perhaps, loses all meaning. But the question of “automation” of the human brain may become more relevant than ever. And, if we observe how various mechanisms work day and night, they have a goal set by a person, but people themselves do not understand why they live, a catastrophe awaits us.

Ich weiß es nicht  is a cry from the heart of all those who are tired of being in search, but still go forward no matter what. There is hope, that’s the main thing. The hope to get rid of these thoughts, in the end, to spit on them and live truly simply for your own pleasure. To reach such a state, the most important thing is to avoid overloads, similar to the neural network mechanism. It is difficult for a machine to stop a program, but it is quite possible for a person to change his own.

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