The Meaning Of The Video Me! Me! Me!

I’m not sure that there is a person in the world who is not impressed by the video for the musical composition Me! Me! Me!. Even if you are completely indifferent to anime, and indeed to girls in general, the unbridled fantasy of the creators of this video will amaze you. Because what happens next is completely unimaginable.


Like you, after watching, I asked myself the question: “What is the meaning of the video Me! Me! Me!?”. And then, like you, I climbed to look for information on the Internet. Interpretations, of course, are many – as befits a true work of art, this short animated film can be interpreted in many different ways. I will try to keep a consistent story, while, where possible, give different versions of what is happening.

The plot and meaning of the clip Me! Me! Me!

The main characters of the clip Me! Me! Me! and their relationship

The main characters of our story are a young man named Xu or Shu (Syuchan) and his ex-girlfriend Hanachan. We see footage that captures the bright moments of their relationship – Hana and Xu are smiling, having fun and being happy together.

What spoiled the relationship of the couple – history is silent, but, one way or another, by the beginning of the events that are shown in the video, our heroes had already parted. Xu spends time in his room assembling models from the Evangelion anime and seems to be somewhat depressed. But Hana is determined and full of hatred and jealousy. The text of the song will help us to understand the motives of the heroine, since finding a Russian translation is not a problem. The girl reproaches the former lover that he did nothing for their relationship, left her, while she still loves, but wants revenge.

Meaning of ME ME ME: Xu and Hana

What do the girls in the Me! video mean? Me! Me!?

Xu, like a normal young man, dreams of girls. Now he is alone, and it is natural that the images in his mind are exaggerated – we see an army of girls performing a frivolous dance and taking defiant poses. However, the lustful mood is soon replaced by fear – the girls from Xu’s fantasies become dangerous, one of them literally absorbs the poor fellow. Brr.

I have repeatedly come across opinions that the female images in the video symbolize Xu’s addiction. It is in her that many see the reason for the breakup of Xu and Hana, respectively, the confrontation of the heroes is perceived as the struggle of Hana against the harmful attraction of Xu. Indeed, when viewing the clip for the first time, this version seems obvious. In addition, the lyrics of the song mention jealousy for another girl, but according to the plot of the video, Xu does not have any other girl – probably, the heroine of erotic films is meant. However, I would not rush to conclusions.

First of all, Xu doesn’t really look like an addict. His room is relatively clean (as clean as a single guy’s room can be), we see the most common collectible models, one poster on the wall – not an army of rubber dolls. Indeed, there is a tablet or some similar device on the hero’s desk, on which candid shots are shown. But further along the plot of the clip, we still see photos of Xu and Hana on the same device.

Therefore, I will allow myself to assume that this tablet symbolizes the memory or consciousness of Xu – at first the hero sleeps, and his dreams are displayed on the screen (it is quite natural that a lonely young man may have dreams of an erotic nature). Then he remembers Hana, and the situation gets out of his control, and in the finale, Hana breaks the screen, thus destroying the hero’s last pleasant memories of her.


If the girls are just the heroines of Xu’s dreams or fantasies, then the reason for their terrible metamorphosis and destructive behavior is in Xu’s relationship with Hana. The young man was already convinced of how insidious and vindictive girls can be. The hero transfers these qualities from Hana to all the women he thinks about. Endowed with her negative traits, the women rebel against Xu and defeat him in the finale.


Khana and her metamorphoses in the video Me! Me! Me!

So, before our hero had time to think about his former lover, she was already right there. Pay attention to how Hana appears in the frame: against the will of the hero, she enters his room under a mask and behaves like a wild animal – jumping and rushing around the room. Jealousy turned the girl into a real beast, and she came to Xu to take revenge. A rather controversial (and disgusting!) moment, when Hana bends over Xu, and a fountain of foam pours from the heroine’s mouth into the unlucky guy’s mouth, I tend to interpret as a metaphor for reproaches and insults. The girl literally drowns Xu in a stream of her negative emotions.


Pay attention to the scene that follows this – the hero falls into memories, we see the scene of the farewell of Xu and Hana, and in the circle there are not two of them, but three. Who is the third? This is the second, evil essence of Hana. When the young man turns away from the girl, she remains in her place, cries and calls for a hero, but her other self – evil and wild – eats the insides of the young man. At the same time, the former Hana, the girl from his memories, continues to love and call on her lover.

This is what the song is about – the duality of experiences, love and hate in one person. The former Khana is no more – having had enough of the insides of her beloved, she is reborn into an evil creature under a mask. And Xu makes a desperate attempt to escape the wrath and revenge of his ex-girlfriend – he arms himself and goes to shoot an army of women, those who from the innocent heroines of his fantasies have turned into the army of Hana. But the women win, and in the finale we again see the “old” Hana – she kisses the severed head of her ex-boyfriend. The word sayonara – “goodbye” sounds.


Conclusion: the meaning of the video Me! Me! Me!, my version

Let me summarize. The meaning of the clip Me! Me! Me!, in my opinion, is the extent to which jealousy and possessiveness can go in a relationship. Where this struggle actually unfolds – in the thoughts and feelings of a young man, in dreams of revenge of an abandoned girl, or in some kind of parallel reality – we do not know. But the devastating consequences of jealousy and revenge are evident. It is possible that the negative experience with Hana influenced Xu’s attitude towards other girls, so the young man can no longer perceive them as before – as cute and pleasant objects.

If we accept the version with Xu’s addiction as the truth, then the clip illustrates, first of all, the fight against addiction. Nevertheless, it is clear that Hana does not particularly help the guy cope with addiction – on the contrary, her jealousy becomes the reason for Shu’s defeat.



As for me, everything is much simpler. The guy is an otaku, maybe a hickey. He fell in love with a virtual girl even though he has an IRL girlfriend. In the first part of the video, it is the girlfriend who appears to him as a threat who wants to take away his virtual love from him, and therefore it is she who is in the form of a monster that strangles him. In the second part of the clip, the virtual girl tries to destroy all the guy’s connections with reality, including “killing” the real girl. Those. already a virtual character becomes a monster, which symbolizes that the guy wants to give up his lifestyle in favor of reality. In his nightmare, he tries to save the girl, but he himself dies. 2D girl wins. Well, because hickeys can no longer get out of their state, they need help. Or am I watching the wrong clip?

By the way, the third in the circle is Xu himself. He looks at the breakup scene with the girl. Then the Xu who was near Hana leaves, and then the evil essence of the girl appears out of nowhere.

I haven’t read it, but I do. The meaning is this – the guy is tormented by his conscience for the abandoned girl and he is trying to overcome her by force, driving her inside. But it doesn’t come out. Also, the whole clip is a dream within a dream, and only at the last second does he finally wake up.

“Wicked and Savage Hana” is a figment of the mind of a man overwhelmed by guilt towards his girlfriend because another girl was sexually attractive to him. The song is sung by a blue-haired female idol who tells her love story in another clip from the series. She fell in love with a guy who already had a girlfriend (Hana). And she was very worried about it. Most likely, she became the cause of a quarrel between them. Since the quarrel was traumatic for the guy, attractive images interfere in his head with terrible ones, one transforms into another. Therefore, at the beginning of the video, a blue-haired girl (who is on the poster in his room) dances invitingly, and then a frightening image of Lilith Khana appears. The juxtaposition of the female images of the evil Lilith and the forgiving Eve is an old theme that crops up in our culture all the time. Personally, I was annoyed at how literal and banal this clip is, and how simply it expresses a hackneyed idea. An experience that most boys go through. Damn, so this is not an anime?

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