The meaning of the video LP — Lost on You

Trying to explain the meaning of the Lost on You video is like interpreting a hazy morning dream. Laura Pergolizzi herself, hiding behind the initials LP, admits that the video turned out to be very personal for her, and sorting out other people’s memories is not an easy task. But we’ll try.

The meaning of the LP – Lost on You clip will be understood by anyone who has ever experienced a breakup with a loved one without further explanation. The clip is not dedicated to the separation itself, no – it does not contain pain, despair or even hatred accompanying this event. The video reflects the moment that comes some time later. When the pain goes away, giving way to a slight sadness, melancholy, nostalgia and memories already covered in a haze of oblivion. This atmosphere of the video Lost on You reminds me of Lana del Rey’s Summertime Sadness (with a similar plot, by the way).

The meaning of the clip LP — Lost on You

Foggy evening New York perfectly conveys the atmosphere of longing for a long-gone love.

According to the singer, her real life and memories are mixed in the video. Where exactly is life and where is the past – LP does not explain, but I think that the border can still be drawn. The footage from the LP itself, where she sings the song, playing the ukulele, and washing down the sudden sadness with alcohol, refers to the present. Well, the ephemeral red-haired girl wandering around New York in the evening, apparently, belongs to the world of memories.

The plot of the clip is quite simple: the heroine, aka LP (I am against mixing real people and video clip heroes, but since LP itself insists on the clip being autobiographical, then so be it), reminisce about her ex-lover. In the video, the role of the former passion of LP is played by Laura Hanson Sims (Laura Hanson Sims). The heroine of the LP imagines how her ex-girlfriend starts her day with a cool shower, smokes, walks around New York, while asking her the question: Baby, is that lost on you? (We will talk about the meaning of this phrase below). But gradually the nostalgia recedes, and the image of the red-haired girl dissolves into the New York landscape. The clip ends on a major note: the real LP girl, Lauren Ruth Ward, appears in the frame, and with a gentle kiss, finally dispels the haze of dreary memories.

The meaning of the clip LP — Lost on You

At the end of the LP, he breaks away from his sad memories and kisses his real girlfriend – Lauren Ruth Ward

The Meaning of the Song LP — Lost on You

The lyrics of Lost on You are a dialogue with an imaginary interlocutor, a melancholic reflection on the topic “Was it all in vain? ..”. Key lines of the song:

Let’s raise a glass or twoTo all the things I’ve lost on you,Tell me are they lost on you?

I would translate them, although it turns out to be a little more verbose, like this: “Let’s raise a glass or a couple for everything that I spent on you. Tell me, was it all for nothing? Under the words all the things I’ve lost on you , it seems to me, first of all, time, and then nerves, sleepless nights, long conversations, happy moments … In other words, all the strength that LP has invested in a person close to her. And so she asks him (or rather, her) a question: “Baby, tell me, have I wasted these forces? Or not?..”.

It seems to me that the song Lost on You is somewhat deeper than just a nostalgic ballad about a lost love. The meaning of the song is not in the realization that the old relationship cannot be returned – the author has long had this awareness. LP wants to know if she left any significant mark on the life of her ex-lover, if she was able to convey to her a little of her warmth, love, care – or whether this warmth went nowhere, disappeared into the New York fog, like the very image of the former girls. Therefore, the song cannot be called sad – it does not state the fact of loss, it only raises the question: was it all in vain? If not, then there is nothing to be sad about.

Who starred in the video LP – Lost on You

Laura Hanson Sims is a red-haired fashion model from Nashville, USA. At the time of this writing, Laura is working with several modeling agencies: The Society (New York), Elite (London), AMAX (Nashville) and Next (Los Angeles).

Who starred in the video LP - Lost on You

Photo of Laura Hanson Sims from her portfolio at the modeling agency Next

Lauren Ruth Ward is a singer from Baltimore, USA, who lives and works in Los Angeles. At the time of this writing, he is in a relationship with LP (Laura Pergolizzi). If you are wondering what songs Lauren writes herself, then here is one of her latest videos:

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